Do you mend?

I do!

I like to think that I’m saving what I can on Mother Nature and not to forget the saves I’m making in my own wallet. Just because I get a hole on my sock … and some parts are just in perfect condition … why throw it away? Have not always been mending everything, just a tiny hole here and there and repairing jeans of course. Back then I always tried to match my mend and making it as invisible as possible. But have always felt it VERY boring and no fun, so everything have piled up in big mending piles! How fun is that? How about you … do you have mending piles! 😅

So some years ago I skipped that perfection and mend as I please. Much more fun, still not that overly fun, but way better than before.

Am using my grandmother trusty mending mushroom … but could need a better metal ring that holds everything in place. It have some damages so I need to be careful when placing my fabrics. But hey ho … it still works.

This winter I have worn my socks both here and there …small holes and larger holes because of my own laziness … still have some to mend … but at least these got done ✅

And while I was on the mending mood I repaired some duvet covers … have some very old favourites that I really love and have bought second hand … 💗 … one of them already had a mend so I guess I will continue to mend them until they fall apart! I’m not short on fabrics and scraps … 😂

Some pink checks on my old lovely sunny and happy cover, that had small holes and really worn top edges. On my green Dotty cover I patched with circles and squares.
This is the patch made by its previous owner. So it was loved before me and so why shouldn’t I keep on mending it! I’ll just keep on doing it my way ☀️

I also mended a pair of woollen wrist warmers I made for my daughter Linda years ago. They got lost in my move but found them while searching for other things … yay … guess it was these that triggered my mending week!

They got a a new green little vibe added … and I got a happy daughter!

And I must say these mends have filled me with content and provided me with peace this week. So will I continue to mend … I sure will! 💗

7 thoughts on “Do you mend?”

  1. That was a lovely post Stina! Brought back memories of years ago when my children were young, and I used to mend the boys socks, and elbows in jumpers etc! I haven’t done that for years – this really is a throw-away time we are living in. Take care and keep well. xxx

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  2. I do mend but not as beautifully as you. ☺ Fixed a hole in the husband’s favorite sweatshirt just last week. And speaking of beautiful, enjoy seeing your temperature blocks. Keep them coming! And love, love, love your tree series. ❣


  3. Du er dyktig👍🏻😀! Har stoppe-soppen etter min farmor🍄, men den har ikke vært i bruk på lenge. Ble inspirert av ditt flotte arbeid😊, så nå skal jeg ta meg sammen og få reparert både det ene og det andre😁!
    Happy mending😃 – for kropp, sjel og tekstiler😊!


  4. I love your colourful mending, Stina. I have a pile of items in need of repair, but always seem to find an excuse to avoid to starting. Feeling inspired to start.


  5. I love your mending! My grandma taught me to use a light bulb if I didn’t have a darning egg to mend my socks. I emailed you a few cute mending ideas I found on Pinterest because I don’t know how to attach them on here. 😜
    Barb Pipkorn


  6. There is a lot of charm in your mending 🙂 Almost better than new because it shows the love of much use! I save mending for once in a looooong while. Next time I will have more fun with it. xo


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