Birthday, Family, Gifts

Gifts from family …

Back again with more gifts…

Lovely lovely family made me a photo album
with photos from my childhood and until today…
Wasn’t too big at this time…in 1963…:0)
look at those little bootees…wonder who made them…:0)
Inside the album…
my family had left me lots of wonderful greetings
and it all became very emotional…
cried some but laughed a lot too…
with a pretty crown made out of straw…
Here I am with my brother Anders
I remembering him putting the candle to close
to his hair once…ouachhhh!!!

Won’t show the last photo….
they added a photomontage of me probably 80 years old…:0))

It was REALLY wonderful getting this one
thanks to especially my dear daughters and Jimmy
who had put all this together…
More tea
from Anders and his family…
rose tea in an absolutely wonderful pink tin!!
And this absolutely heavenly scented package
came from France
where my cousin Eve lives with her family…
Once visiting there…
I had them to stop at every spot I could find
where I could smell the lavender
easily dreaming my self away with that scent!

Eve…thanks for remembering
and to add those lovely lavender fabrics
Also remembering me hunting patchwork stores
while visiting her…
had looked out a shop in Lyon
and when getting there…hah..
they had closed to celebrate the 14th of July…;0)))

Have one last gift to show you…
and dear dear friends…now I will need your help
So hang on … wait for the next post!!



6 thoughts on “Gifts from family …”

  1. I have loved reading every single word and seeing the happiness from your birthday celebrations and you are right maybe it should be done more often when it brings such joy. Seeing baby Snofrid growing makes me want to come and have a cuddle too, it is a delight.

  2. Så ljuvliga foto på er som små.Tur att man har foto kvar.Fina presenter du fått.Virkade du inte typ halsband med blommor på? Letar febrilt efter mönster och kom på att kanske du kan tipsa mig.Hoppas jag har tur.kram Gudrun

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