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More gifts…from friends …

Wow…three post in a day…lol…
More gifts coming….
This time from my lovely friends from former work
They came with a huge pink bundle
filled with lots of pink recycled things…:0))
An Easter egg filled with
buttonsribbons and pink threads
Lovely old laces…handmade…treasures!!!
A pink and lovely bundle…filled with
all sorts of things
It was super fun to receive all this!!
Maria and Tommy also gave me…
a pretty note book and colourful pencils
so I can fill it with new ideas
And while thinking of new ideas….
why not brew myself a nice cup of tea….
With these new to me tea brand…
Kusmi tea
Maria sure thought of everything…;0)
tea and ideas…:0)

Thankyou dear dear friends…

Love to you!!!


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