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Party day … morning…

While we still had our beauty sleep …;0)))
somebody started the flight to the north of Sweden…
We had breakfast…dressed up in pink
And started to prepare for the party…
Louise had filled her suitcase with pink/white dotty tablecloths
and a pink serving tray

(also a stroke of genius of Petra to involve Louise in some PINK..:0)…no problem was Louise answer to Petras questions about PINK..;0)
First guests to arrive was my Mum and Dad…:0))
and the puppy “Märta”
(They started early in the morning driving for 2 1/2 hours)
Brother Gussar was kind to do the milking of the cows for them…
Thanks brother!
Dear dear mother of mine…and Märta…
( notice the pink scarf..:0)

A knock on the door!!!
And the long way distance guest arrived…
My brother Anders from Stockholm…
Big smile!!!!
(totally fooled here …
never ever thought he would come since we were to meet at Easter…)
Such a wonderful surprise!!!!
And dressed up for a pink party with a pink shirt
and hot pink socks…LOVELY!!!
Anders and my dear Dad caught in conversation…
Really would have loved seeing Dad in some pink..
but I guess the limit was reached…
he said he came with pink skin…:0)))
And it works for me…:0)
Louise continued with preparations…
(See how fast her hands moves…:0)
Nice to have parties like this so my old china comes forward…
Inherited this from my dads aunt Irene…
pink and grey Royal Tuscan china from England
It’s so thin and just beautiful…
tea tastes so good in them…
when I feel luxurious I use them and enjoys my tea even more…:0)
Pretty pink tulips from Mum and Dad…
Viktor ( with a little pink in his T-shirt)
…raised a hand to take care of Märta…
Dear daughters of mine and Jimmy came…
miraculous they seem to have succeeded
to not be on any close up photos… Bummer!!!
But photos of what they came with…lots!!!:0)
show on next post…promise…:0)

Lars had prepared some lunch which we ate before
the other guests came…
Salmon fish soup/casserole ….Mmmmm….

Satisfied and happy we could just wait for the guests…:0)


8 thoughts on “Party day … morning…”

  1. Dear Stina,all the best for your birthday!!! and the next 50 years!!!!!Your pink party is so crazy and lovely!!!!- I love it!!!! PS: My daugther`s name is Luise! to and she is- like your Lousie!- my best friend :)kindest regards from angela

  2. I am so enjoying your birthday party. You look like your mum and I think your dad sounds like he has a good sense of humour. Louise is so artful and definitely must be a fan of pink. We should start a Pink Club. Xx

  3. Muchas felicidades,por tener a toda su familia junto a usted en su cumpleaños ,yo tambien los celebro y con mucha ilusion,pues tengo muuuuuuuchos mas.Pilar.

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