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Sorry to have held you curious for soooo long…
Took a little bit longer than I thought to write this post….
Well…WHO WAS IT???
My mysterious guest….
My best best sewing friend from Östersund….
Happy happy surprise
No wonder everyone have been going around
with a smile knowing this but me…
Louise came Friday night…
and she had the most wonderful gift with her….or two…:0)
Yepp…she brought something pink!!!
5 metres of the most perfect pink and white dotty fabric
for my windows….:0)
She had heard my troubles with getting pink curtains…
all I had was too brownish… Not good…
So this autumn I will have new lovely pink curtains…woohoo!!!:0)
Drum roll…here it comes…
my gift from Louise…drum roll….:0)
My name…:0)
Some low volume sheep…:0)
More low volume…
look at the pieced strip…a la Louise…:0)
Some flowers in pretty colours…
A vase
A quilt…yes a quilt
oh my goodness…
an absolutely wonderful Stina quilt…
Just for me!!! :0)

Louise…I love it so much…
and seeing every day…on my wall…
makes me smile
Someday I will take it down…
and wrap myself in some quilty love!

Thankyou dear dear friend!!

And Louise also had another gift…
She said she would stay 4 days…
Happy happy days!!

What a lovely surprise…:0)

Hmmm…and now they say another long distance guest
will arrive for the party…huh???
Who will that be????

This is fun…:0))

Hope next post won’t take me that long to write!!!


13 thoughts on “Surprise!!!!!”

  1. Gratulerer så masse med dagen. Og for en flott quilt du fikk. Den er bare så nydelig. Og så Stina 🙂 Alltid gøy å få syvenner på besøk og jeg antar at du også fikk en masse vitamin Q 🙂

  2. Your gift from Louise was just amazing and will fit so well in your newly designed home. I love it too. Love that snippet of sheep fabric. Your spotty curtains will look great. Keep up that happy feelings remembering the moment.

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