My home

Before and after… Part 1

Here it comes …
Pictures from our “whitified”

Before picture from the TV corner…

(Hah…didn’t see Molly sitting in the picture first…
But there she is…holding a purple blanket…lol..)
Don’t look at the mess…no need in cleaning up before the painting!!

After the painting…
Biggest difference is how much higher the room felt when we painted the beams white…and of course the light…;0)
But this corner was the lightest even before…

Here is a picture from the other end of the room…
The dining area…
And after…:0)
The green walls were so much darker than I thought…
I just love all the light!!!
And we did buy a new dining table and chairs…:0)
It was IT!!!
Painted some furniture…this one had pine top before
and was antique white…looked dirty…but not anymore!!
In our little kitchen there was yellow wallpapers…
never liked them so now the walls became white…
like it so much better

Lots of photos…so better make a part 2…

See you…

24 thoughts on “Before and after… Part 1”

  1. Love your whitified home. It looks so bright and cheerful. I never noticed Molly there either. Love the quilt above the cupboard and the white in your kitchen makes the cupboards look so fresh. Can't wait for the next instalment.

  2. Your home looks wonderful Stina, so bright and cheery!! Love the bunting too, Ive been hanging a few around my house, they make me smile. 😉

  3. HELLO! How I love what you've done! So much work for you,but in my opinion it is certainly worth it! White just opens up all spaces>Love it! Love your decorating taste as well and while I'm here,I have to say that I 'love' your quilt in this post too!

  4. Wow Stina — it's gorgeous! I love the new fresh look. And especially that darling little quilt above your cabinet. (And haha — I would have never noticed Molly if you hadn't pointed her out — toooo cute!)

  5. Wow – fantastisk förändring!! Det blev såååå jättesnyggt och vitt är ju underbart! Ljust, ljust och härligt! Lyckliga dig som fått ett sådant "nytt" och ännu vackrare hem!Kramisar och en härlig och glad påsk!

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