Fabrics, Quilts, Scrappy trip along

Started with these ….

Well I couldn’t resist any longer… I am doing what almost everyone is doing….
…Scrappy Tripping Around the World…
There are Flickr groups and lots of followers on
Instagram #scrappytripalong
showing lots and lots of wonderful blocks…

So inspiration there is!!!
Started with these fabrics…
and had no actual plan on how I wanted it to look like
…accept but colourful and happy!

So one block were made one day….

And that block were followed by some more blocks….
And some more
It have been so much fun
Just picking some nice fabrics and don’t think that much if they will work together or not…well some I thought…no that will not work…but they have become almost the best ones!!!
Really long to come home to make some more blocks…
I really do!!!
(Are at my parents this weekend…
waiting for brothers child number four to be born)
So my hope for next week is some more sewing!!!


23 thoughts on “Started with these ….”

  1. Åhhhh, vilka härliga färger du har i din quilt! Och visst är det jätteroligt att sy dessa block och att sedan få sätta ihop dem och se vad som växer fram. Jag har fastnat i detta härliga "måste" också och det är sååååå roligt!Kramisar

  2. I have loved seeing your progress on these blocks that I hope today to join in and try making one of my own. Have a great time with your family. Hope the baby has arrived by now all safe and sound.

  3. Hey Stina! I am SOOOOO enjoying seeing you getting back into your stitching after your health problems stopped you for so long. You have a special gift in matching colours and your own gorgeous style that I love to see photos of. :0) Happy stitching … I'll look forward to seeing more of these blocks appearing on your blog – Bear Hugs! KRIS

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