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Gift for Louise…

This year I actually got something made for some of my friends…
hooray to me…:0)
Well..have to confess I took an easy way out this year on two of them…
found two started projects that was intended for
Louise and Marica two years ago!!!!!
So with some willpower I dusted my machine off and finished them!!

…This one I made for Louise

The pattern is from a Chestnut Junction stitchery…
Love them…very fun and easy

And random piecing around the stitchery…

just as I like… adding one piece after another…

And every time when I’m finished… I want to keep
And says to myself..
Stina.. You have to make one for yourself too…:0)
Maybe I will …
have a whole year until next Christmas…haven’t I???

Love always


17 thoughts on “Gift for Louise…”

  1. You definitely HAVE to make that one for yourself. Agree with Jo above. I am sure Louise loved it even more because of the wait and the effort it took. I am proud of you.x

  2. Hola Stina , usted hace como yo ¡¡todos primero yo la ultima¡¡ yo creo que deberiamos cambiar, yo no tengo blog así es que aqui le dejo mis comentarios , me engancho a su blog un tutorial de corazones con hojas de libro,y me gustan sus labores. Pilar.

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