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Package from Great Britain…

This year Shirley and I have sent LOTS of emails back and forth
sharing good and bad days…
So I decided to try and make her something as a little gift this Christmas…
Guess she must have had the same thought…lol
My Christmas gift came in the mail after a long wait…:0)
Got caught somewhere in between!!!
Very well worth all the waiting…
Both Viktor and I got spoiled…
Viktor got some very cute Rudolph milk and white chocolate
And a fun notepad to write in 3D
And I had to try of course..
Silly me…!

Now for spoiled me!
Lovely chocolate for me…
Think Pink!!
…Such a great idea…
Graffiti …:0)

And look at these ones…

Vintage milk chocolate buttons
How clever isn’t that!!

And a Worn and washed fabric bundle!!!

Hip hip hooray…
Have tried to get my hands on some of these ones…
but out of luck all the time

And now I have one to play with!!!

And a little Guardian Angel to watch over me…
now isn’t this one a piece of art…
look at all the lovely pearls and beads…
I am so overwhelmed by all the gifts…
they made me so happy
Shirley…thanks from all of my heart!
Take care out there in the big big world…see you

6 thoughts on “Package from Great Britain…”

  1. I am just so relieved that your gifts arrived finally even if it was after Christmas. It is my great pleasure to get to know you and be your friend and in my book friends have to be looked after and spoiled. Great photo's. Wonder if the 3D specs will catch on!x

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