Christmas, Gifts, Louise

My Christmas…

 Holidays are almost over…
Here in Sweden we celebrate
Trettonde dags jul
Will have dinner at Petra and Jimmy tonight…
All I have to bring is some snacks…smile!!!
After that we can dance the Christmas out…:0)

Still have all the decorations up…but after this holiday 
it’s time to put them away until next time..
We celebrated Christmas for the first time in our house 
have always been at either my parents or Lars family…
It was lovely days spent with family with 
Good food and lots of laughter..
Just as it should be!!

Even Santa came for a visit…;0)

…Homemade ice lanterns lit at morning…
early morning walk to Petra and Jimmy with all family…
…Christmas morning breakfast
…some Glögg and homemade candy
…and more food

Me in my newly sewed dress from the retro fabric…
Love it…
Just as easy as I am!
Wool slippers on..a must…always…and pink ones of course…!!

My children and me..
PetraViktorLinda… and me

And a photo of me just opened up my wonderful gift from 

Do we match or what!!!
Louise heard my wish of a new bright and happy 
quilt…and I can’t be more pleased!!

…So LOVE it…

You are amazing…and thanks again!

Back with some more gifts another day
Take care out there in the big big world!!


9 thoughts on “My Christmas…”

  1. Hej och god fortsättning på det nya året! Det ser ut som om du har hunnit med det mesta som hör till jul och julfirande 🙂 Härliga bilder och din klänning är helt underbar i de läckraste färger. Men man måste ju undra om Louise tjuvkikade medan du sydde den för täcket är ju som gjort för den! Och den är som gjord för dig, verkligen, för det är ju precis de färgerna du har jobbat med på slutet. Kramisar

  2. Hi Stina, so glad to find again via Blogland (although I know we re-pinterest from each other often. LOLAnd a Swedish Merry Christmas to you as well. Did I ever tell you my grandparents (therefore my Dad) are all full blooded – Swedes? Grandparents right from Sweden "way back when". They're deceased now.

  3. Vilken härlig rapport från din jul och så läckra färger som präglar kläder och present.Så upplyftande i vintermörkret!God fortsättning önskar jag dig och hoppas på fler underbara bilder i din blogg!Kram Gudrun

  4. Louise knows you very well and has given you the perfect gift. It is beautiful. Glad you all had a lovely Christmas. Everywhere looks so bare when the decorations come down but that little quilt will really brighten things up and be cheerful. What a beautiful family you are.

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