Merry Christmas…

Dress made…

Food prepared…

Presents wrapped…

Now it’s only my beauty sleep to try and fix…

 Merry Christmas everyone…

Wish you a wonderful time with family and friends



21 thoughts on “Merry Christmas…”

  1. Happy Christmas, dear Stina! I am enjoying the holidays in a land that is all new to me. New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment. No snow, not much cold and an infinite amount of sunshine every single day. Life is good. Your holiday decorations and preparations sound so lovely and makes me feel a twinge of homesickness as we left all family and holiday makings behind this year.

  2. Merry Christmas to you too Stina. Nice looking dress, but even though I have sewn clothes from the age of 13, I had never come up with the idea of align the buttons with pins….Simply a blipping great idea!! 😀

  3. En lite försenad men ändå hjärtlig God jul till dig och din familj.Äntligen ,efter några timmars vila och god middag, är det en lucka i vårt julfirande då äldste sonen har glöggbjudning.Önskar dig allt väl även i fortsättningen.Ulla

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