Great granny along


 Time just went!!!!

And I left you here with not knowing if I 
managed to get those seams right…:0)))

With a lot of seam ripping…
And a lot of patience…
I did it!!!

Now the seams don’t point in all kind of directions!!!!

All twelve just waiting for being sewn together…

Wonder when that will happen???

Not this weekend though…
Because I am going away on a little visit…
To my friend
It will be fun
We have lots to catch up on…
Way to long time since we had a little 

Over and out from a wintry Sweden..
See you :0)


21 thoughts on “Seams…”

  1. Those granny blocks look like a lot of work but it is so pretty. Can't imagine how you match all those seams. Winter in Sweden looks rather nice.

  2. Have a FUN weekend! Wish I could join you…. Your blocks are just gorgeous. Just came home from a quilt meeting. Lots of inspiration in my head. Hopefully it will lead to something "Christmassy".

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