Östersund 3…

A quick update before we leave Östersund …
Have had a wonderful time…
Friends are wonderful medicine…:0)

Yesterday Louise sewed and sewed…
And with no time she finished not just one…

…but two!!!!

Just like that..
So impressed!!!
Just do it!!

It’s some words I will take with me back home…
Just do it!!!

I will use my little quilt…
as a little placemat for my iPad …

The pattern for the little quilts are
from Cheri Saffiote Paynes 
lovely blog….

Two quilts …
Made at the same time..
Same colour ways…
Still not the same…:0)

Love them both…
So happy for my new little 
HAPPY IPad quilt!!!

Thankyou Louise and John
for a wonderful weekend…

Will do this soon again…
Not wait three years again!!!


15 thoughts on “Östersund 3…”

  1. Hello my dear friend, I have been away for a few days and just switched on and I am thrilled to see not one, but three posts from you. A big cheer from me. You go girl. What a lucky little Ipad. Keep up the good work and yes, just do it.Lots of love to you.xx

  2. Hey Stina! Lovely to hear an update from you … I often think of you as I scroll down my "Favourites" list. :0) Glad to hear you had a lovely time visiting Louise … and what a wonderful friend to help make your sweet iPad mat in such fun, cheerful colours. Hope you're feeling refreshed after your break and look forward to hearing your news again soon – Bear Hugs! KRIS

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