Long time no see….

I’m alive…just doing things…:0) and not!
Summer did pass way to quickly…
Did we have summer????
Guess so…:0)

Have done my last Pain Rehab weeks and are back to reality…
Now the real works begins to get this body and mind back to a more normal status…

So first thing up…
To do things with family and do fun things!!!

So we all took us a little trip to Östersund … :0)
Except for sweet little Molly who is home with my daughters…in good care!!

Louise is taking really good care of us…
and right now she is having some quilt therapy with me…

Pick some squares she said…:0)

I’ll sew!!!

So we do!!

Back with results later!!!


8 thoughts on “Östersund….”

  1. Den som väntar på nått gott……….. Hej! Härligt och verkligen jätteroligt att se ett livstecken från dig, Stina! Quilt terapi låter bra och kul! Fortsätt med roliga saker och kom sakta igång igen.Kramisar

  2. Hello Stina. So nice to see a post from you … I miss having you around in blogland. Hope you start to feel better really soon. Enjoy your time with Louise … looking forward to seeing what you make together. Take care.

  3. Wonderful to hear from you Stina…Good to hear you are on the Mend…looking forward to seeing what you and Louise got up to with your Squares.Take CareCheers

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