Anyone remembering this girl?

PicShop app (600×400)

Almost three months since the last post…
A winter one with – 16 c…
Happy it have become spring/summer since then…

Have had + 16 C and it was super nice!!!!

Took some time off blogging…really needed time for myself…

Still do…:0)

Hanging in here…
Just being…
Taking tests…
And hope to be well soon!

No more of that today!!

Ok.. So this is a test post…
Trying to post from my iPad…
Trying to learn different kind of photo tools and blog apps!

So bare with me…

Am going away on pain rehab in a week or so…
So now I have no excuse in not being in touch
When I have more time for myself..at least I think so..:0)

So I need to learn..

Phonto app 

Spring have arrived…
With lush green meadows and some flowers…
Enjoying my walks 
(well not today..it’s pouring !!!!!)
with Molly

Snapseed app & Labelbox

Marsh marigolds is blooming everywhere…
Pretty with all the sunny yellow!

Well this was a little from my corner of
The world…
And thanks to you who have been in
Means a lot..



46 thoughts on “Peekaboo”

  1. Hej Stina, but you won't believe this, but I thought you just yesterday… I thought, how loooooong ago it is the last time I heard about you! I'm glad all is as fine as it can be ;o) Take care & wishing you lovely summer time -Satu-

  2. Same thing that happened to Satu happened to me yesterday! I was thinking about you and wondering how things were going. I wasn´t much of a commenter before but always read and enjoyed your blog and was missing it a lot!I hope you get well soon. Enjoy the flowers and the nice weather!!!

  3. Trevligt att se dig 🙂 Har ju saknat dig massor, inte bara på bloggen utan i verkliga livet också 🙂 Rehab-vecka? Hoppas att den blir bra och givande för dig..Vi får höras på "sidan om här" ;-)Kram i massor till dig..

  4. So nice to see you post ,I hope the pain rehab is successful and you will be back to normal real soon, miss your lovely work. Big hugs to you . Sheila

  5. Lykke til på rehab. Du må bare ta den tiden du trenger til å komme i sy form igjen. Noen ganger så trenger man tid for å finne seg selv. Og du vet jo at stoffene dine ligger og venter på deg til du er klar. Klem fra meg

  6. Åh, Stina, vad härligt att "höra din röst" igen!! Saknat dig så och väntat och väntat på att det skulle komma något från ditt hörn. Hoppas att du känner att allt går åt rätt håll och att du är på stadig väg tillbaka. Fortsätt gärna att träna på oss med din iPad – det är så härligt när du skriver (och fotar).Kramisar

  7. Hi Stina, I was very excited when I saw you had posted. Glad to hear you are enjoying warmer weather. Hope the pain rehab goes well and gives you lots of relief. Have fun with your ipad. Take care.

  8. Hi Stina,I sure have been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing. This was a pleasant surprise to see your smiling face.I wish you many days of blessings ahead and am still praying for you that your health return to you whole.Hugs and prayers,Sue

  9. Hi Stina – this is the first post I have had pop up since you became a follower (and me of you)….happy summer – we have winter here in Aus…..you've done a great job with your ipad!

  10. It is so good to hear from you again my friend. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I can't wait for your next post. I am sure that it will be one filled with your beautiful work. Big hugs to you.

  11. So sorry to hear you haven't been well, Stina – my life has been higgeldy-piggeldy fo ages now and I have so much. Wishing you pai-free times ahead!Bless you – hugs – Lurline.

  12. Hej jag vill bara säga tack för att du skrev att du hade fått diagnosen hypotyreos. Det gjorde så att jag tog mig i kragen och sökte upp en ny läkare och därmed tog nya prover, nu har jag fått tabletter och det går sååå bra. Har visserligen inte fått in riktigt rätt dos ännu, men jag känner mig redan mycket piggare och har mindre värk i kroppen. Så tack tack! /Petra i Gbg.

  13. Hej Petra…Svarar dig här eftersom du är satt som noreply…Oj så glad jag blir att du fått diagnos och är på bättringsvägen….det tar tid det gör det…så häng i…det ska jag också göra!!!Kram till dig…:0)

  14. So so true… Slow motion…:0)))Thanks for commenting…couldn't answer you because you were set as a noreply…so I hope you don't mind me reply here…hope you see it…0)

  15. Hey Stina! Did we miss you … YES!!!!! While understandable that you needed to take a blog break while you've been feeling icky, your bloggy buddies most certainly do miss your smiling face! I was thinking of you the other day as I caught up on blogs and hoped you were doing well … and enjoying some warmer weather!! :0) Icky and cold here at the moment as we head into winter … BRRRRR!!! Not fun! Hope the pain rehab is helpful and has you feeling more like your bouncy self again soon. You'll have to give me photo editing tips for the iPad! :0) Still learning to drive mine, too!! Big Squooshy Bear Hugs from Australia!! KRIS

  16. Peek a boo to you. Good to see you. Great photos too. Be well and hopefully pain rehab will help. I know how hard it is to be in pain all the time.

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