I´m slow…

yepp… you read everything right..;O)
I´m slow…
But at least now I know why…
This last year have been a struggle to just be…
My tiredness, all the ache and pain, the swollen fingers 
and the most dreadful thing.. not wanting to do anything…
and the freezing!
It all have come clear now..
My body have shut down and it aint functioning without thyroid…
so Im SLOW..:O)
Started medication last week and will now look forward to 
gain some strength… 
No fast miracles as it takes some time to fill up the levels…and get it right…
but within a year… huh… I might be lucky..:O))
So please see to that I dont jump on any challenges…
because I will probably not finish them…
For me 2012 will be a year just doing something!!
Like lighting some candles…
 Enjoying prettiness…
Be thankful for little things like fresh baked scones
 and a lovely cup of Chai tea… 

Remember all the wonderful FRIENDS
 I have in blogland and real life…
Blue Quilt made by Karen
Hen quilt made by Darlene on ladder
Trying to cope with our winter..
Hey.. half of January is gone.. Hooray..:O)
And look.. 
Some days arent that grey after all…
There is some sunshine around!! :O)

Just wanted you all to know…
I dont like to be this absent…
I dont like not sewing
I dont like being like this
I want to be myself again!!
And so it will be!! :O))
Lots of Love from me

 Pheew.. this was lots of personal stuff.. lets hope next post will be more cheerful! :O)


62 thoughts on “I´m slow…”

  1. Hi STINA, Take care and don´t stress. You don´t need to do something all the time,just look in a magasine and take a cup of the or do just nothing. Perhaps look out of your window and no thinking at all. Just enjoy.GRATTIS till den lilla quilten.Kram Louise D

  2. Try not to over do it. Concentrate on your health. And if you dont feel better go back to the doctor. I know a couple of people that had to have their meds adjusted before they saw relief.Wishing you well…Karencg

  3. Selv om det er trist å få høre at det vil ta tid og bli frisk, er jeg glad for at du har funnet ut hvordan sykdom du har. Håper du snart blir såpass i form at du får kosa deg litt med søm, og jeg regner med det gjør godt at våren snart kommer ;o) Kjenner energien kommer sakte men sikkert tilbake når det er lysere dager.Stor klem,Laila

  4. Kjære deg, først vil jeg bare si at jeg alltid syns det er så koselig å (blog) besøke deg. Du har alltid så flotte og bilder – jeg blir inspirert. Jeg vet ikke hva sykdommen dine er, har aldri hørt om den, men jeg er glad du får hjelp. Ta tiden du trenger til å komme deg på bena, og nyt våren som snart hilser på :o)Vi er her når du trenger oss :o)) Klem

  5. Så bra at de har funnet ut hva som mangler, så du kan få hjelp!!Du kommer til å få det mye bedre etterhvert og kreftene kommer tilbake.Klem til deg!

  6. I am so glad that you finally got a diagnosis. I know you have not felt well for a while. Now you can get better.I made that same quilt that Karen made for you. It is hanging in my guest bedroom. Such very nice gifts from you friends.

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