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Another little mini quilt….

have seen the light..:O))
Worked with my oranges…
which was FUN… :o)
But I worked Toooo fast for my own good… 
having Dad ill right in the middle of this quilts birth…
 and a deadline to keep.. 
so I delivered this quilt to my friend Åsa who had her birthday last Sunday … 
Unfinished… or kind of.. :o)
Even the photos came out blurry so You have to live with that
.. or just scroll pass
The pattern is a Cheri Saffiote Payne pattern (Again) :O)
from the magazine Primitive Quilts….
I used velvet to the pumpkin
  manchester to the flower centers…
 added a Happy Birthday text instead of the original text
 and here comes the OOOPPPSS!!!!
Forgot to add the berries!!!!
Stupid me…
And all the time while sewing the binding on.. I talked to myself… remember the buttons.. remember the buttons!!!!
Did that help!! 
NAH!!! :O)
 So when Åsa packed up her gift I didnt see it( nor she)  either.. but after a while when sitting there drinking tea…
I saw IT!!!!! BLUSH!! 
Happily we could laugh at it.. and she promised to sew on some pretty red buttons…
(Note to self:
So here it is.. a little quilt without it´s berries!! :O))
See you all soon…
I hope.. 
Christmas is coming.. and this year I 
MUST try to have gifts ready before Christmas!!!!


30 thoughts on “Another little mini quilt….”

  1. It's just gorgeous, even without the berries! I've done that before – made a birdhouse/cat wallhanging for my sister years ago, and forgot the yo-yo flowers going up the stems!! To this day, they are still missing.

  2. So lovely, Stina! I am working on the same one only in wool! How's that? I love Cheri's patterns. I had to take time out to make a quilt for a young friend who's been in the hospital, but I need to get back at mine so that I finish it up.Hope you dad gets better soon.

  3. Wonderful, Stina! I hope to make one from the same pattern but I don't think it will be this fall. I like how you took a fall quilt and put your own look to it with putting in some of your favorite lighter colors.

  4. Vilken underbara gåva Åsa fick av dig 🙂 Spännande mönster du hittar nu för tiden 🙂 Perfekta i storlek och enkla i sig men ack så ljuvliga..vill också prova på något liknande men men..Kram från Mig

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