A quick update

Ahhhhhhhh…. Thought I would be finished by now… But NOT!!!
Have the flowers webbed to the little quilt… And working with scraps… you know… You never know what happens… So I added orange … Not so often used in my quilts…;0)

So I’m trying to get used to it.. And I think I like it..:0)
Otherwise days passes by…
Tomorrow I try to get back to work again and hope my back and hip don’t mess with me so much!!! Lots of physio right now… But it’s ok…:0)
Over and out from me with a picture of Molly…:0)
Have to face it…
Autumn is here…
Love xoxo
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20 thoughts on “A quick update”

  1. Nydelig liten quilt. Orange er en av mine favoritt farger – har vært det i mange år. Høsten er tiden jeg henter frem orange quilter….. Har store planer om å sy en orange guilt til :o)Lykke til på jobb i morgen !

  2. Coach here Stina. Like the orange. It is not too much and enhances it well. Hope you keep it in. Love that Molly. She has such a sweet face and I love her pink collar.

  3. Gosiga vovve, jag minns hur gott det är att gosa med dom!Kvilten blir sååå läcker och lycka till med ditt jobb.Håller tummarna för den där nacken!!Kram Gudrun

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