20 days…

and here I am again…
hah.. it didnt take me three weeks this time to post!!! :o)

Remember my scraps…
they have turned to this…
 adding all of these!!!!
 Hmmm.. wonder what all this will be…
this is how it looks so far…
well…. last night it did…
today it aint…:O))
See you all soon…. promise.. not in 20 days..:O)
LOVE xoxo

15 thoughts on “20 days…”

  1. ohhhh I'm soo curious :0hope you have fun sewing..I will try to take pictures to the pink fabrics I have for olivia's quilt, to show you so you can give me your "master" opinion!!! you are pink master 😉

  2. Whatever you are working on is sure looking good. I love the center square in your block. That is such a neat idea!Hope you are feeling well and happy stitching to you!Hugs,Sue

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