Butterfly Garden, Molly, Scraps, Sewing


Oh my goodness.. I did it again…
pheew.. why should it be so hard to post on the blog nowadays!”!!!
Well well.. here I am..:o)
And believe me or not..
I have done the quilting on Butterfly Garden…
And I must say.. I had totally forgotten how wonderful it was to quilt on my Horizon…
I am amazed…
not a single thread breakage…no mishappening..
no nothing… just PURE fun!!
Binding is on!!! 
Even more hooray..
Label is done….. clap clap!!
So I do have a quilt finished!!! 
Happy dancing!!! :o)
Will take photos today of the finished quilt…
weather is brilliant today.. no rain…just some lovely sunshine!!
While working on the quilt…
I had company…but this time she enjoyed the sewing
much more.. and could relax on her new bed…
I made it from old jeans and old crocheted table cloths and 
filled it with millions of “foamballs”… 
dont know the right word for it!! :o)
Works Super!!
Thirdly …
I looked into my scrap bin…
and decided it was time to use them up a little..
So a new project is started..:O)
Hopefully… it will be something to show soon…
not three weeks away..but soon!!! :o)
Chiropractor tomorrow…and a quilt to deliver…
see you lovelies!! :o)

33 thoughts on “Ehmmmm…hello..:o)”

  1. Åååå, så fint butterfly teppe ditt ble…!!..Nydelige farger..Gleder meg til jeg skal starte på mitt..(må bare få ferdig de to jeg holder på med først..)klemHegeT

  2. Oh I love your Butterfly Garden quilt! I do love my Horizon too. I have had the best luck of quilting on it than any of my other machines including my Bernina! I have never had any thread breakage and very even tension to the back! I love this machine!Can't wait to see what your new project will be. It looks wonderful already!!Enjoy your sunshine. We are getting plenty here too :)Hugs,Sue

  3. Bravo !! Your new project seems wonderful !!I'm glad to see you are very helped !!! with so many dreams around, no doubt you'll find inspiration !!Florence

  4. Vad duktig du har varit som är snart klar med Butterfly Garden..Den är så fin och den som ska ha denna kommer att bli jätte nöjd..Om du har tid i morgon får du gärna svänga förbi på en kopp thé.. vore kul att få en liten pratstund med dig :)Lycka till med ditt nya projekt!Kram

  5. Beautiful projects! Your pup has a gorgeous coat… You can tell you feed him well. I've missed you post. Can't wait to see what you cook up with your scraps. Have fun…

  6. Du är en ständig källa till inspiration och jag har saknat dig. Kul att du skriver igen! Tror jag skulle bli väldigt sömnig av att ha sådant sällskap när jag skulle sy – men å andra sidan verkar hon ju kunna ligga still en stund nu och då hinner du få någonting gjort. Längtar att få se vad du hittar på med dina scraps.Kramisar

  7. hi stina!!I missed you a lot, but I guessed it was summer that kept you busyyour butterflies quilt is lovely, more and more each time I look at itand your srcaps… are those scraps?? adorable!!!xoxo

  8. Your butterfly quilt looks so pretty…and your helper seems to love her new bed…great idea using the old jeans! Can't wait to see the next project!

  9. You have been busy and I like your bed you made for your friend 🙂 Your butterfly garden quilt looks divine and soon we are going to have summer….only 3 months to go! I am intrigued as to what you are going to make with those scraps 🙂 hugs Vicki x

  10. Sono meravigliose le cose che realizzi!!Ti seguo sempre,non vedo l'ora di vedere quello che uscirà da tutti quei pezzettini di tessuto!!Un saluto dall'Italia.CiaoDaniela

  11. Hi Stina. Lovely to see a post from you. Butterfly Garden looks fabulous … always love your fabric and colour choices. Molly looks very content on her new bed .. so cute when they're asleep. Look forward to seeing what you do with those lovely scraps.

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