Sewing with Molly….

I have sewn.. but oh I thought that I would have lots of other things made..
An Important block!!!
A very dear and talented friend are dealing with serious health problems…
and I bet there are lots of you quilters out there who knows this wonderful quilter…
Some very sweet friends are collecting blocks to make her a quilt…
Just click on the picture below and read more about it!!
So I had a weekend of my own… Molly and me…
guys playing tennis and camping!!
Oh.. a sewing weekend and I were going to introduce Molly to the UPSTAIRS…
It became an ELDORADO….for Molly.. :o)
(and me running back and forth yelling NO all the time..;O)
But.. it took me a whole weekend to complete.. but 
a block is done for 
Kaaren… :o)
And finally a puppy and a quilter can relax …
 See you soon.. hopefully with some more sewing …
 If I recover from this weekend!!
LOVE xxx

11 thoughts on “Sewing with Molly….”

  1. I think Kaaren would know that block was yours even without your name on it – so pretty. That Molly is so inquisitive. Looks like you both enjoyed your day in the sewing room.

  2. Vilket underbart block 🙂 visste inte om detta att Karen är dålig 😦 ska genast gå och läsa mer på länken om projektet. Läste i norran att Lars har varit på visit här i stan 🙂 det såg ut att ha gått bra för honom. Hoppas det gick bra för Viktor också! Hoppas att allt är bra annars ?!Kram

  3. Hi! Wonderful block, I wish I would have thought of that type of design!Thanks for making the block, it will look wonderful with all the others!Take care, Leslie

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