Molly, Pay it Forward

Summer is here… :o)

and boy do that feel good or WHAT!!! :o)
Seem to get longer and longer time between my blogposts, 
really need to shape up!!
Hope I can do that!!
Ok we have had all kind of weather.. sunny and warm days and already had our share of rain for June…
I dont care as long Summer is here!!! :o)
So happy to have the PIF gifts sent and received… 
More than a year late.. yikes…
so so happy I could make something and send!!
 I recycled old tea towels and old tablecloths, cross stitched and stamped on fabric and just played around
to make gifts my PIF Girls… 
It was FUN…
and I actually sewed some … felt like ages and so it was!
Made bags from old swedish tea towels…
inspired from the book Natural Patchwork by 
Suzuko Koseki
And little needle cases made from a tutorial 
And Swedish pincushions cross stitched by me….
 So happy they all landed at their new owners…
despite ash clouds over South America!
Happy you liked them girls…
Otherwise Schools over here in Sweden…
(picture from the day school ended!! 
Viktor and his best friend Kasper goofing around)
Tennis school have started… but 
 today he is sick…
high fever .. nothing else.. strange!!
Having trouble getting the fever down..
Poor guy!!
Hope it will pass quickly!

Molly is growing quickly…
here are some old pictures from her first bath this summer!

Have to take some new photos of her…
because she have grown…:o)

On the sewing front..
am sewing on Butterfly Garden and are working on the the last stitcheries…
hope to finish them soon so I can put the quilt together soon!!

Lots of Love from me


23 thoughts on “Summer is here… :o)”

  1. hi stina!!!!summer… you were waiting for it, isn't it?hope viktor recovers soon, so he can also enjoy the sun; which is the lake's name? it looks beautiful to spend summer timewell, still enjoying my pif; and planning to make a grocery bag with a pair of teatowels I bought yesterday, you inspired me!! didn't I tell you?!!hugs your way

  2. So glad that summer has arrived for you. I am still waiting. Love your PIF's. I am sure that the wait was worth it for the girls receiving them. Viktor looks happy that school is out. Love the picture of the first bath.

  3. Wellcome back.So lovely gifts you have made.Lovely ideas in the book I also bought .Very nice to work with recycling and different technics and patterns.I wish you a happy summertime

  4. Hei, så heldig dere er med været. Her hos oss har det stort sett vært regn og regn og atter regn.Hunden din er aldeles skjønn, guttene også :o)Ha en riktig fin sommer.

  5. It is so nice to "see" you again! I love the PIF projects you are sending out. Those vintage tea towels are wonderful! I see that Victor is happy about school being out… and goodness, Molly has grown so much/and looks like she likes the water like Labs usually do:)

  6. Come on Viktor get well soon. He will just have to watch Wimbledon instead and when he makes it there I shall come and sit in the box with you and cheer him on. Glad to see you have managed some sewing. My how Molly has grown too. Good to see you back on line.Love from The Coach.x

  7. When your summer arrives so does our winter enjoy the sun. Molly is tooooo cute. Very nice gifts you do do wonderful PIF gifts I thinknof you often as I use my armchair companion.

  8. WOW, vilket underbart loft systudio, där skulle jag aldrig komma ut ifrån……….jo kanske på toa ibland….finnsmycket att inspireras av här, har länkat till dig så jag hittar tillbaka, hoppas det är OK ?

  9. Hey Stina! Lovely to hear from you – we miss you when you take blog holidays, but completely understand that life just gets soooooo darn busy!!! Love your PIF gifts! I love the way you are able to take old teatowels and linens and turn them into something beautiful – you have a real gift for that! :0) Enjoy your summer as we shiver through cold ol' winter … BRRRRR! YUCK!! Happy stitching – Bear Hugs! KRIS

  10. Happy summertime, Stina! Finally having a bit of summer here in Minnesota after a rainy and cold month of June…even the rain was better than snow and cold, right? Glad to hear you are doing a bit of stitching, I did some sewing last week and was very happy to do so, I missed my sewing! Good to hear from you once again. 😀

  11. Hi Stina. Lovely gifts for your friends … I love them all. Hope Viktor is feeling better … not much fun when you're sick in the holidays. Enjoy your Butterfly Garden … look forward to seeing it one day.

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