I´m back with part two….

of my sewing room tour..
Ok where were we… 
First corner showed…
When looking more to the left I have the “sewingpart” of the room.. 
Long room..:O))… but narrow… 
and the angled ceiling takes away lots of space..
 but thats how it is.. I know I have LOTS of SPACE!! 
But I do have a lot of things…
Some white paint would do magic to the ceiling… 
but I think I save that to my next ReDo..:O))
The white desk have become Viktors favorite place to do his homework….
Had a cutting table here before.. but took it away because all that happened was that I piled up everything on that table when coming from downstairs…
 Some storage along the wall and a newly made note board
with old doilies…
At the end of this room beside the window…
  is where I sit and ponder and hopefully sews something..:o)
Behind the sewing table I have my books and my patterns…
neatly organized now!!!!

My little cutting table made from old boxes that held bulbs of tulips and other spring bulbs before. Stacked on each other, an old table top on top and some baskets.. :o)
And on wheels..:O))

Designwall made from a styrofoam board..
just glued to a rod.. and covered with flannel..
Works super!!
Now looking back to the beginning of the room..
I have my fabric cabinet…
Filled with LOTS of fabrics… 
the prettier ones high up.. I hardly open the lower doors… 
where the darker fabrics are..:O))

I love this cabinet.. its perfect!!
 Well… Almost back at the beginning… 
Here is where I have a little show and tell corner..:O))
Quilts made by friends, in swaps, and by myself.. and changed after mood!
And erhmmmm..
did you take notice??
The  white “small” pile hidden under my grandmothers laundry bag…
but unwashed!!!! 
Ahh.. when will I ever catch up my washing… 
PREWASH or NOT… thats the question… right …:o))
So thats it.. my Creative place in my corner of the world!!! :o)
No sewing here yet today…
have been on a mission today looking at a puppy for my Mum…
So sweet so sweet…
Could adopt her right away!!
To cute… :o))
Hope she stayed still for some seconds and got caught on a picture…
have to check my camera later..:O))
See you ..:O)
maybe I should make something tonight..???

54 thoughts on “I´m back with part two….”

  1. OMG!!! Had to go away for a couple of days and think about what to write. Not that I have become in any way wiser, but Stina – your studio is absolutely amazing. I get so envious I could faint and so much long for a place like that for myself. And know what – your studio and your blog kind of goes hand in hand design wise, it's easy to see that that is Stina's place :-DYour DH and son must have been enormously impressed by all your hard work and amazing creativity when they got back home.HUGS!

  2. Hi Stina, just had a catchup on what you have been up to …. wow! your sewing room is amazing, so organised and that new cupboard, I love it, great with the glass doors, no dust…. I'm off now to think about how I could reorganise my sewing room, good idea with the magazine holders and the baskets… thank you for inspiring me…. again….

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