My Creative place….

Well lets say ..
So.. shall we start a tour of my de-cluttered sewing room…
It all started with me buying a glass cabinet…and having the glorious idea of having it in my sewing-room …
it was just that I had to reorganize everything to get it in place!!
Silly me!! :o)
But finally after a lot of not so nice words popping out of my mouth…
and the THINKING hat on.. I managed to squeeze it in… :o)
And I love it.. it holds all those things I had all over the room before
 and collecting DUST…
Yes I have that in my room…lol..LOTS!!!
Now I can see where everything is…
except for all those little bits that I have stuffed in tins and cant see!!!
Oh.. and there you can see a pretty new little bundle of joy…
I had the amazing  luck in winning it from Fig Tree Quilts and Joanna earlier !!
Looks lovely right!! :o)
Moving to the left I have a little cabinet filled with this and that.. 
and a little place to show some quilts….
Further to the left I have a guest bed..
So Marica.. if you come some day you have to sleep in another direction…lol
and hope you wont fall out of the bed..;O)
That was the first corner…:o)
Think its time for a cup of tea for me… 
(promise to be back and show the other side of the room…)
and perhaps a book or two to read and sigh about!!
Can you tell me..
How in the world do you do when you sew!!
Think I lost it!!
And its a little bit of grumbling here from me..
I bit off a piece from a tooth this morning.. 
Lucky me.. 
Glasses yesterday .. the tooth today…
well well….
as long as my boys are having a great time over at sunny Mallorca Im happy..
sun…the pool.. great food… and lovely tennis courts..:O)
at least that is what they tell me..:o)
And OH.. I have a question for you in the USA….
Where is it the best to buy a San Jose Shark t-shirt for Viktor????
Birthday coming up here!!! :o)
LOVE …:o)

21 thoughts on “My Creative place….”

  1. I could use your glass cabinet but not in the sewing room. We were looking for one to display my glass baskets & toothpick holders in. Yours would have been a good one.You are definitely a pastel quilter.

  2. Oh my! Your sewing room is beautiful! The cabinet is perfect, and I would have fallen in love with it too. In fact I have! All your little "touches" are wonderful, from the basket of little quilts to the quilt on very pretty little quilt on the wall. But how are you going to get anything done now? How will you be able to concentrate while surrounded by such pretty, peaceful loveliness? 🙂

  3. Stina , your room looks wonderful , very inviting and the new cabinet looks terrific and oh all those yummy fabrics such inspiration to have around you !

  4. Stina!!!! Your room looks so beautiful, I love it, all of it.. Your cabinet is so pretty and perfect for the room. Oh and congratulations to your daughter too. I loved what you wrote me about how spending time with your parents made you feel peaceful. When I think about it I felt the same way with mine and I hope our children feel the same way about us!!! Enjoy every minute, hugs!!p ess Love the little lavender stitchery in the top right of your header, is that a pattern?

  5. Hei Stina!Første gang jeg kommenterer på bloggen din, selv om jeg har fulgt deg lenge. Hvilket nydelig syrom du har fått! Og for en jobb du har gjort:-) Quiltene dine er vakre, og jeg synes du bruker så fine farger.Klem fra Synnøve.

  6. You are an inspiration. That corner looks very nice. The cabinet is such a good way to dispay things. And I like the way you use baskets.

  7. What a gorgeous room for your guests to sleep in!Breaking teeth must be catching, I broke mine earlier in the week and had a trip to the dentist on Wednesday, it's all better now but I could've bought alot of fabric for the money I had to pay!

  8. Hey Stina! WOW!! You were another brave girl to show your 'before' mess and boy does your reorganisation and tidy up look FABULOUS!! The cabinet is wonderful and I can see why you couldn't resist it … well worth the rearranging … especially since the result is to fantastic! :0) Wonderful creative space, cosy guest snug … it's got the lot … well done!!! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  9. What a lovely room you have. It would be so nice to wake up in the bed surrounded by all that gorgeousness. I really like your glass cabinet … a perfect place to keep everything dust-free!

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