Good NEWS!!!
I just had to share!!
My daughter Linda who is becoming an Librarian….
she´s this happy now… :o)
She´s going to ITALY!!!!!
Congratulations sweetheart!!
Earlier this Spring she searched to FAO´s Internship Programme in Rome, Italy
to work on their Forestry Information Centre..
and she got it!!!
I havent even thought of her going even more far away from home…
Im just so happy for her!! :o)
Love from me


11 thoughts on “Jump!!”

  1. Åh, vad roligt för er!!!Då måste ju du börja planera för att åka dit och hälsa på henne. Och det är ju inte fy skam! Jag gläds med er, verkligen, för jag vet hur glad man blir för sina "ungar" när de tar sig framåt här i livet. Kramisar till er båda!

  2. Awww. What a treat for her. Congratulations to your daughter. One of these days I would love to visit Italy. This must have just made her day!

  3. Well done to you Stina for giving Linda the strength and courage to spread her wings and fly and well done to Linda for perseverence in her chosen career. With love.xx

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