Family, Inspiration
Yesterday …
I waved goodbye to my guys ( who are going on their number one adventure this year) …
Tennis Camp on Mallorca !!!
One week in hopefully sunny Palma de Mallorca
Guillermo Vilas Tennis Academy….
And me…
Left home Alone…
…dont know if to smile or to be sad…
Have had the colds for so long now.. with a sore throat and a running nose!
(  the second time since middle of April)
not to forget a bit of some allergic reactions too..
So I am having some days at home…
Day started off good… NOT…. my glasses broke.. good one hey??))
Hope for it to be better and better…
Am reading books and patterns in hope to find some inspiration 
in between my teacups…
So see you soon with pictures from hopefully something crafty and some pictures from my de-cluttered sewing room!!
Love always!!

10 thoughts on “”

  1. Not the glasses! You had such trouble getting glasses with a lens you could see with. And I am sorry you are still feeling under the weather.

  2. Oj är det dags nu 🙂 Hoppas killarna får en härlig vecka! En syträff eller bara träff kanske skulle sitta bra för inspirationen eller?

  3. Nu ska du ha en riktigt härlig "rå-om-dig-själv-vecka" och kanske hinna träffa några likasinnade som kan ge dig lite inspiration och glada skratt! Och du, nu står det inte på förrän sommaren är här! Krya på dig!Kramisar

  4. It should be your turn to travel soon….I hope the boys have a fantastic time. Sorry about your glasses. Enjoy your week; rest, read and sew! Hugs

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