Birthday, Gifts

Pretty Surprise…

Sometimes you just have no words…
What can you say with wonderful FRIENDS
surprising you just like this!!!
This arrived in my mailbox day before yesterday….
I spotted the pretty pink ricrac first… and then I remembered ….
The Camera!!!
Am A Blogger Aint
daughter thought I was crazy….
Oh my goodness… Pretty pink backing….can you figure out by the quilting……..
yepp.. cupcakes…. :o)
Wanna see more…:O))
I just love it…
The fabrics chosen… the colours…
and just the thought of making it for me….
Linda of 
who else.. with such generosity…
made my heart stop beating for a while…
and she just made my day!!!
It is just wonderful..
Makes me smile..
and that means a lot!!
Now it hangs in my Kitchen/Living room…
and spreads joy and happiness all day!!!
WOW!! :o)
Otherwise …
what do happen around here…
Can you believe all the treasures (read junk) saved… for years… 
and why in the world did I save them..
sure cant remember…
So Viktor…thankyou my slave driver 
… who made me go through every centimeter of my shelf… 
and throw piles of PAPER… 
Oh my… that took us almost all weekend…
so I am finally getting more and more 
So see you soon… 
and oh… yesterday …something pretty in pink came as a surprise 
from Australia…:O))
Love from me…

25 thoughts on “Pretty Surprise…”

  1. This was a wonderful surprise and you really deserves it 🙂 And good luck with your organizing the sewingroom. I should really do some serious decluttering too LOL

  2. Would you send Viktor over to help me next. How much does he charge for a clearing out fee? That is a very beautiful gift that you received.Love Shirley.xx

  3. Hello Stina, Your cupcake "PINK" quilt is truly beautiful. Love it too. Linda did a lovely job of creating it. VBG Maybe I ask what those round brown objects are above your bowl of fruit??? VBG Happy Spring. It has finally arrived here in Michigan. Thanks Goodness. Hugs judy

  4. That is just the sweetest quilt and what a thoughtful and loving gift!Your little helper is so sweet. I'll bet he's enjoying himself 🙂 It is nice to de-clutter, isn't it?

  5. Stina, I told Linda it had your name all over the cute wall hanging. Just the perfect spot, too. You are so much better than me. Linda sent me my PIF and I forgot to take pictures of the pretty ric-rac and wrapping. Opened it as fast as I could.

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