My Workplace…

NOT my sewing room.. :o)
It´s Still under CONSTRUCTION….!!!
But I thought I´d share some photos from what I work with during my days at work…
I work at a Recycle Store…
 where we have a Store… where we sell almost everything that comes in given to us by people…
Some things are just sold as they are…but some things we Upcycle or just ReMake…
I work at the Textile Department…
and I work as a Product Developer…
I test ..I sew …and try to find fun things to do….
mostly for our ReMake products…
This picture is from “Textilen” where I work….
We have done some reorganizations since these pictures were taken…but 
you get the idea … I hope..:o))
Some things to work with…
Some things made this winter….
I used some of our old prints to make a noteboard…
this was fun…and a great idea!!
Really Bright and BOLD!!
Dont you just love that strawberry print….:O)
The remade Shop around Valentines day!!
Pillows, the patchwork chair….the heart mobiles…
 made by me and some toilet bags too… :o)
And a flower I made two weeks ago!
I LOVE my work.. :o)
 but it also takes a lot of creativity away from me… 
but it both gives and takes….
Some days I am totally empty when coming home…. :o)
Sadly this work ends in July…
have talked to the BOSS.. and hope to be able to continue..
but there is no good hope for that!!
Always lack of MONEY!! :o(
Well well.. thats it… 
now you know what I do on workdays…
when I come home I study …:O)
And NOW I better continue with my 
Sewing room!! :o)
See you!!

25 thoughts on “My Workplace…”

  1. Härlig arbetsplats du har och hoppas du kan få ha det bra där i fortsättningen också.Dessa pengar som styr så mycket:-((Kram från Gudrun

  2. Stina – that is one awesome place to work!! How pretty & totally everything I love 🙂 I sure hope they keep you on because you do such lovely work merchandising everything! xo

  3. Looks like you have been enjoying the best job ever! You know what they say… when one door closes another one opens somewhere! You will probably be offered a job from Moda!Hehe!

  4. Wow! You work at a fun place! I couldn't imagine getting anything done working in a place like that. I'd be drooling over all the goodies that came through the door!How long have you worked here?

  5. Stina, your work place looks absolutely wonderful, but stressful too…What if you don't have just the right thing to finish something!! No wonder you arrive home "thoughted out"..all your creative juices are used at work. But what fun you must have!! I do hope they find someway to keep you on.. I know I would love to shop in that creative environment.Hugs Gloria

  6. Hi. What a great place to work, but no wonder you are "empty" when you come home.Hope they will find some money so you can stay. Have a great day. Klem 🙂

  7. Hello Stina, You are a very very creative and innovative person and everything you create is fantastic looking. Sad that they will lose such creative employee but I reckon you can do well with your own home business. Hugs Judy

  8. Hey Stina! Thanks for the interesting tour of your workplace – and what a wonderful place to work! :0) I can see, though, why sometimes you wouldn't feel like creating once you got home. Fingers crossed that they find funding to keep you working with such fun recycled things for longer! :0) Good luck with the sewing room … Tee! Hee! Hee! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS

  9. hey stina,that's a fabulous place to work and perfect for your creativity! that's so awesome! i wish i could have visited around valentine's day…love that pillow!xo,julia

  10. hi stina!!I have had my pc not working for a few days; I missed blogger world so muchyour sewing room looks greatwhat a pity about your work, hope you find a solution soon; you deserve a good place with something related to sewing, patchwork.. you are an inspiration for me, and guess that also for lots of people out therebig kisses 🙂

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