Perfect weekend…

or should I say…
How to spend a perfect weekend!!!
or NOT TO!!!
Just imagine….
Home ALONE….
Perfect weather to stay indoors….
Longed for some sewing…
…so when my guys went on Training Camp (Tennis)…
I had the whole weekend to myself…
Just lovely!!!!
And I did this…
Think Im seriously ILL!!!
Out of my mind..
Gone Crazy..
or whatever!!!!
And just because of a glass cabinet…
that had to come home with me!!!
Ahh.. what a weekend!!! :O)
Crazy or what!!
Be right Back… I hope..;o)

13 thoughts on “Perfect weekend…”

  1. Hey Stina! I'm so proud of you for being brave enough to show you untidy sewing room too! :0)Mine all started with a new table for Christmas … then had to find space to put it … get rid of some other furniture … paint the walls … be careful or you'll have a full-blown sewing room makeover before you know it! Tee! Hee! Hee! Good luck restoring order in there!! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  2. Your Mental Coach reporting in for duty. Have you recovered now? Did you manage to get it all back in? Can you find your hexagons? It all sounds very intriguing. It makes me feel better because my room looks like that before I decide to throw things around. You were very brave in showing your creative space. Hope Viktor won his tennis.Love Shirley.x

  3. I can only smile when I saw your pictures and all the comments.We are collecting thing for all types of situations and for all types of projects.Now we only need more time for….Thank you Stina.

  4. My gosh girl you certainly don't do things by halves, do you? But I'm sure once you made the space for the glass cabinet it will all be worth the mess.

  5. How wonderful to know that I am not alone!!! My room looks worse I think??? Sometimes I get really dispared and think you girls must be so neat and tidy and have everything just perfect!! lol…now I know that you will get things back in shape Stina, but it just gives me hopeHugs Gloria

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