Birthday, Family, Gifts

Have had my Birthday….

and thanks to Friends and Family who made my day so special..:o))
Woke up to a calm and joyful day
Just lovely!!
Had set the table 
for a lovely breakfast the night before…
Got a wonderful drawing made by Viktor…
No snow on that one…:O)))
And A Birthday gift from Marica….
Pretty napkins
raspberry and licorice TEA
and a pretty pretty little notebook
Thankyou so much Marica!!!
Such a lovely way to start the day…
After breakfast Viktor helped me shovel snow.. and like magic.. 
the SUN came forward and made the day even prettier!!!
Viktor made some Chocolate balls…
Petra (middle daughter) were going to bake a cake..
so we just sat and waited for that one!!!!
And it was well worth waiting for…
Flowers and Cake and Family….
Very very YUMMY!!!
Thanks family for bringing so many smiles to me this day…
Linda.. you were missed!!!
And so were you too Lars..even if you forgot my…
Love you anyway!!
This little package came all the way from  Tasmania….
This cutie sure put a smile at my face….
Here she are
Little Miss Sunshine…
Aint she the CUTEST!!!!
Viktor gave her a name immediately
(which means PINK in Swedish)
Thankyou so much Jo for making me this cute 
And talking about CUTE….
How about this…
Well all I can say..
Dont mess with my PHONE….LOL…
Daughter and Boyfriend!!!
AND Hugs and Kisses to you..
on your one year anniversary!!
( I know.. a couple of days late… SORRY….but I love you both!!! :o)
See you!!
Maybe tomorrow..:O)


28 thoughts on “Have had my Birthday….”

  1. Hey Stina! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! :0) Looks like you had a fabulous birthday of being spoilt … which you deserve! :0) The pink ted from Jo is GORGEOUS and so are the gifts from Marica. Only the NICEST people celebrate their birthday in March … right?! :0) And thank you for your lovely birthday wishes too! May the coming year be a fabulous new adventure for you full of loving family, fabulous friends, fun adventures and FABRIC of course! Tee! Hee! Hee! Big Squishy Birthday Bear Hugs!!! KRIS

  2. Jättegrattis i efterskott, Stina! Ser ut som om du har haft en underbar dag och med de nära och kära och de vackraste presenter. Nu är våren på gång också och det är ju att betrakta som en gåva i sig. Ha det fortsatt jättebra!Kramisar

  3. Alles alles liebe und Gute zu deinem Geburtstag, Gesundheit und Zufriedenheit und viel Glück, schöne Stoffe und gute Ideen wünsche ich dir von Herzen.Ich drücke dich Annerose

  4. Happy Birthday!! kind of late but still ;).It seems that you had a wonderful day among your family and gifts….by the way : Rosa is great ! I felt in love instantly 😀 .I could take her in bed with me, every night… even that I'm quite over that age :))Hugs. Teodora.

  5. hi stinathanks for sharing the pics, it's just like being there with youand… how's that you say "rosa" in swedish????we also say rosa in spanish for pink, it must be the only coincidence in languages, I'm not able to read a single word, when I see your friend's posts :)the breakfast table looks lovelyxoxo, vivi

  6. Looks like you had a lovely time!! Do you think that your daughter and her boyfriend will stop using your phone for silly photos now that they know you blog about them?? OR will the photos just get sillier?! 😉

  7. What a lovely birthday, Stina. You have such good family and friends. I love Jo's gift to you – I met her last weekend, lucky me – she's such a sweetie…

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