Fabrics, Kalix

I need help….

A Friendly soul have helped me…
Thanks Everyone for wanting to help out…
Why didnt´I think of you all when trying to solve this by my own!!
Bless you!! :o)

to find this magazine….

 Is there any one out there who knows where I can find this magazine…
APQ FEB 2011
 have tried lots of shops… 
Anyone that have double copies!!!! 
Please again… help!!
I subscribe to this magazine.. but somehow it have been missing in my mail..and I have had so much trouble getting in contact with APQ so now its not on sale anymore!
Stomach still a mess and fever coming and going…
but I decided early this morning
 that I was going to try out this months schoolproject..
…Bobbin Lace…
EDIT… thanks Judy for helping me finding the right word… dictionarys isnt always the best..:O))
Fagoting .. wonder what that is..lol..

Oh my.. is all I can say…
Happy I was home alone… :o)
lots of twists and turns..
tongue right in mouth…
But kind of fun..:O))
A little bit uneven and curvesome..
but hey I made it!!!! :o)
Think I have to try one more…
Ready for some fabric pictures..:O))
but lo and behold…
look at the TINS!!!!
These are absolutely gorgeous…
fell in love with them instantly I saw them.. 
The fabrics … 
wanna see??? OK …. :o)
Yummy Yummy too…
have all the fabrics but ONE…
so I need to find that one too..:O)
No plans for these either…
Just WANTED..;O)
But I think some kind of project turns up…Im not worried at all!!
See you all soon ..with more fabric updates…:O)

27 thoughts on “I need help….”

  1. oj Tildatyger och plåtlådor kan man aldrig säga nej till…får man fråga var du har lyckats köpa tygerna? för jag antar att du inte köp 1 m av varje som man måste göra från Panduro :(Ska hålla ögonen öppna ifall jag ser detta nummer men har du provat kolla in press-stop och se om dom har den?

  2. I saw it just a week or so ago at our Joanns. If your first commenter can't find it. I'll look for you.Love the fabrics and love those tins! Gorgeous!

  3. Hi Stina. love your blog. Oh and that lovely tins. Have you tried The Fat Quarter Shop??? I order from them often and they are great. Love from South Africa xxxxx

  4. Hello Stina, I do hope you are feeling better. I so related to the very long and cold winters being a bit much some days. God I hope Spring arrives soon for all of us. First I would be happy to call AP&Q for you and tell them of your troubles with your subscription. Just let me know if you would like me to do this. Your Tilda Tin is sooooo very lovely. I wish she sold her things here in the states. Please tell me more about Fagoting?? I love the lace you created. Love it. Is there a book you referred to that can be purchased somewhere??? Your lace looked absolutely lovely to me. Big Hugs Judy

  5. Oh what prettiness contained in this post. I love your tin and the contents. Just as well I don't live too close or they would have to be sneaked out and come home with me. You are so clever, you managed your homework even though you were feeling unwell. Well done. My heart is singing with pleasure just looking at it all. Hope you are improving.Love Shirley.x

  6. Hej Stina!Har butik här som har Tilda-tygerna och om det är något du saknar så skicka ett mail bara så fixar jag. De är bara så helt underbara och helt i min stil också. Jag förstår att det kommer ut något helt underbart av dem i vanlig ordning när du får sätta igång. Krya på dig!Krameva

  7. Hello Stina,Thank You for that post, now I recocnized that I haven't received my Feb-Issue too. I think I'll give them a call tonight.I hope we are the only ones here in Europe.Greetings from GermanyHeike

  8. I'd be happy to find and send the magazine for you if you still need, Stina. Your bobbin lace is beautiful. The Tilde tins are adorable. I love tins, too.

  9. Hello everybody …. JUST WANTED YOU ALL TO KNOW… ONE KIND SOUL HAVE OFFERED TO SHIP TO ME… big smiles… QUILTERS ARE THE BEST…Good night from me and thanks everyone !!!

  10. I hope you feel better in the morning! It has been too long! I have so enjoyed reading your blog! You are quite adorable and talented with beautiful style! Just found Tilda myself this week, wish we could find her fabric in the United States! Guess I'll just have to be happy seeing your beautiful tin full! Colette

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