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Sunday Evening….

and I actually am making a blogpost for you to read..
March is here…
 and it is most welcomed… lighter days…more sun… warmer days…
Maybe some melting will start!!! 
And do you know what I did this weekend!!!!!
I de-cluttered my sewing room!!!!
Still lots to do.. more things will have to find new places…
but I can see my sewing machine..and is a good thing..:o)
Promised you a picture of a quilt I made for Louise….
Changed plans for my Christmas gift for her.. saves it for next year.. and decided to make her a little quilt instead… 
Louise made this quilt for both me and Marica at Christmas…
So I made her another version of it…blue..:o) 
Quilt for Louise
Since Christmas was long gone when I had it finished…
 I made a Spring version of it…

The pattern is from a free pattern shared on the blog of 
Cheri Saffiote Payne before Christmas…
I just love her patterns… 
think I will make some more of her quilts…
they always makes my heart sing a little!!
Maybe that is what I need…
Another week is coming up with work ….
holidays for Viktor…
and a cold for me…
Hope its gone in the morning!!!
Took some photos today of my new fabrics..and pheeww…
 it was LOTS!!!
Share soon… :o)
Hugs to you all

22 thoughts on “Sunday Evening….”

  1. hi stina!!!!wonderful internetI came to visit you, and you have just posted!!we might have crossed each other in the cyberspace ;)your friend quilt's is adorableI have started a new year in the patchwork workshop yesterday, cana girl be more happy? I'm doing a table runner with fall leaves, will post it as sonn as it looks like a table runnerhope you feel better xoxo, vivi

  2. what a cute little one 🙂 Perfect to make a spring quilt…I put mine away yesterday and it´s very empty on the wall right now 😦 Need something that looks very spring and brightness 🙂

  3. Denne quilten er bare såååååååååååå nydelig. Du er så flink med farger og sammensettinger.Håper våren kommer snart hos deg også, jeg tror vi alle trenger sol og varme nå 🙂

  4. I love the quilts. So very sweet! And it's nice to see a post from you. Always fun to see what you're up to. Can't wait to see your sewing room all neat and tidy. I've been doing that little by little to mine, but it's hard with many projects in the works. I keep checking them off the list though!Hope your cold goes away!Hugs,Sue

  5. Fin liten glädjespridare till din vän.Nu känns det att våren kan komma men innan dess får vi njuta av de vackra vårvinterdagarna.

  6. Well done on de-cluttering…in the last couple of weeks I have completely cleaned and re-organised my sewing room and it is so worth the effort…enjoy your revamped space.Your little quilt for Louise is very cute…and springlike…

  7. Du är så duktig på att göra ljuvliga presenter i karamellfärger. Tänk att få en sån present!Våren är på gång här nere och snart hos er också. Håll ut!Ha en bra vecka och hoppas förkylningen försvann.Kram Gudrun

  8. Your quilt is just so pretty. You do the prettiest quilts of anyone I know and I love to see them. Let us hope that your colds disappear along with the snow. Hope you are feeling better.Love Shirley.x

  9. What a nice quilt !! Your friend is very lucky !I can't wait to see your "new" sewing room… who knows ? it could give me inspiration ! :))Florence

  10. This quilt is so sweet. I thought it looked familiar, although I don't think, if pressed, I would have said it was Cheri's pattern. I love what the change in colors does with it.

  11. I think your version of Cheri's quilt is so darling, I love how you mix your fabrics. Great work on decluttering, any words of advise for someone who is long over due to get things cleared out, would be appreciated?

  12. I am sooo happy for my little spring quilt! I just love it! Olivia 2 years old also likes it, every time she comes to visit she takes it and puts it in her doll stroller. I keep telling her that it is mormors but she says:"de min". And what kind of grandmother would I be if I did not share… she likes quilts!!! What can I say;-)

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