Baskets, Friendship, Quilts

Friendship Baskets…

made from a swap between myself, Marica and Louise… 
When we went to Norway last Year.. we decided to swap some miniblocks between us… 
one quilt is finished.. and this is the second one…
I chose little baskets…  the block is 4 1/2 inch big.. or small..:o)
I made four blocks and in return I received 
four from both Louise and Marica… 
all soooo lovely...:o))
The blocks have been on my designwall in periods..
 and this Autumn I decided it was time for the quilt to get finished..
So I have been picking up pieces of scraps that have whirled on the floor from time to time.. and they have been getting new places each time..:o)
But Now it was TIME…..
And here is my Friendship Basket Quilt…
Thanks to Louise and Marica for the lovely and sweet little baskets…
without you ..this quilt wouldnt have been born!!
Thanks girls for all the fun!!
Pattern by Kathleen Tracy from the book Remembering Adelia
Think its a sign of Spring.. 
the first one.. and I´ll stick to that..
even if the snow is whirling outside..
and  Spring is at least two  and half months away!!!
Workweek coming up.. 
Will be tough to get up in the mornings… 
smile in the snowstorm.. and the cold..
but I´ll do my best..:o))


39 thoughts on “Friendship Baskets…”

  1. A wonderful sign of spring , think flowers blooming , we also have snow blowing outside, a storm is brewing right now so I too will be thinking spring .I love basket quilts and this one is delightful , wonderful job and your quilting is very good as well.hugs Sheila

  2. Japp..just lovely! I'm in to baskets too…a remind of the spring coming. Today I had a very tiny feeling that the sun was a little bit warm when I was skiing. Maybe an illusion!

  3. wow what a cute little quilt 🙂 Do you think I would sew mine together too? Perhaps it could be my first priority this month?!?Have a wonderful workweek!hugs

  4. Oh yes, that quilt reminds me of spring too! It's oh so lovely! I just love those friendship baskets :)Hugs to you and have a great week at work:)

  5. Your quilt is adorable. I love the baskets and that you used so many different fabrics. Scrappiness really appeals to me. Fabulous quilting too … the little hearts are lovely.

  6. Happy New Year!!!oh its been fun catching up on your blog and all the wonderful projects you have been working on and finishing.this basket quilt is just so adorable!Love the colors and congrats its finished! Kathie

  7. Hey Stina! What a GORGEOUS little quilt of baskets! And you put it together with scraps and basket blocks! How clever you are with your colours … it is oh so "Stina" … that's a GOOD thing! Tee! Hee! Hee! Thanks for sharing your touch of spring … summer here but you'd never know it … cloudy, overcast and RAINING!! SIGH! Where's my summer sun?? Stay warm – Bear Hugs! KRIS

  8. Stina, your basket quilt it wonderful and if it isn't spring outside, it certainly is inside with your beautiful quilt.What a great idea and now every time you look at this quilt, it will bring back special memories for you.I love it!

  9. Snow is blowing, wind is howling just outside my window here in the Rocky Mountains but your site always brings flowers to my thoughts. I love baskets and your quilts is inspiring, Thank you.

  10. This darling little quilt is just like a hug on this snowy day here in the upper midwest of the US. I always look forward to see what you've been doing – everything is wonderful!sue

  11. Hi Stina. I just want to tell you that I absolutely love your blog. Your pictures are sooooo beautiful. Oh and the visit to your parents was sooooo interesting, I called my husband to look at the photos. What a beautiful place. I am new to blogland , but I enjoy it. Thanks for yor tips. Happy quilting.Hugs from Zelda from South

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