Le Petite, Rosalie Quinlan, Scnibble

Still here…

but the air went out of me …
4 weeks with a sore throat…work and school…
other problems… 
and a real scare… Mother got really sick and had surgery last week
Luckily everything went just ok.. and she is recovering at home ..
Pheew.. :o)
Still struggling with my cold.. but I am going back to work tomorrow
 and lets hope it will be ok…

Yesterday I went back to some sewing…
had my Paganini to quilt..
first quilt on my Zonnie…
And I must say .. It was a joy to quilt on her…
So here are the finished little quilt
named it
Rosie´s Flowers….

Made in Rosalie Quinlans new fabric Line
Sweet Broderie …

and some fabrics from stash… 
Used the Paganini pattern from 
Think it turned out great with the scalloped border
Think I have a new favorite now..:O)
Started to cut out some more pieces with Rosies fabric..
but not sure yet what it will be ..if it will be something.. small or something bigger
time will tell..
See you!!


48 thoughts on “Still here…”

  1. Your quilt is just so lovely, Stina.I really hope that you get to feeling better and soon. Sure hope your mother is going to be okay too.I will be praying for you!What is a Zonnie?

  2. Nice to 'see' you – sorry you've been ill but hopefully feeling much better.I hope your Mom is doing much better.Love your Paganini quilt – it's sweet in those fabrics.

  3. I think your quilt turned out great, too and it adds some color to that snow you have there and it's nice to hear that Zonnie is a pleasure for quilting. Glad your mother has come through her surgery and is home again – PHEW, indeed! Hope your energy returns and the sniffles go away soon, poor Stina, feel better very soon.

  4. Your quilt turned out so beautiful, like May Britt said; so you :o)I hope your mom is doing better, and that you will get better soon, too. I know it's not so easy, but you know… after some downs comes some "up's" too ;o) Live happends, and it sometimes mess with our plans, but I guess, that's life… I really hope you'll be back on track soon, and things gets better. Hope to meet you again, Stina :o)Hugs,Laila

  5. Your quilt is gawjus, love the pretty broderie edging … and I love the quilting too!!! I'm really enjoying quilting on my Rosie as well, isn't it just so easy?!?!!!So glad your Mum is on the road to recovery too!Hugs,Joy :o)

  6. Hi Stina,The bug you have sounds like the one I have – does it ever fully go away, just when you think you are better it comes back, really strange bug but is draining. Hope you are better very soon.I'm doing a little quilting today as that's all the energy I have.Keep snug and get better soon.HugsElizabeth

  7. Hey Stina! Sorry to hear your Mum hasn't been well … hope her recovery is going well and that you're starting to feel better too. I'm sure looking at your gorgeous little Rosie quilt will make you feel good! :0) It is FABULOUS! You sure are a clever chook! I always love the way you use your colours – you always have a lovely soft, warm look to your projects – well done to you and your Zonnie! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS

  8. It seems a long time since I visited here:))Sorry to hear about your problems, hope it will sort itself out soon.I love you new sweet little quilt, so, so pretty:))

  9. I think your quilt turned out fabulous. You are such a great designer. I am so sorry you are still not well. Bad illness. I am saying a pray now for you and your mom. hugs:D

  10. Sorry you have not been feeling well. It has turned cold here and many are getting those first colds of the season. I am trying to stay well and warm. Hope you are feeling well again soon.

  11. stina!!!I have no idea you were ill, hope it will go to somewhere else soon, so you can go back to your beloved fabrics; and hope also your mum is recovering well; (I would say "mamá" in spanish )the pink quilt is adorable!! I didn't realise the border wasn't finished, and you wrote it in the post!! but I was so much paying attention to the fabrics and the pattern that couldn't notice itI will have my next ice cream thinking of you, which flavor would you like? let me know..xoxo, vivi

  12. Hope you and your Mum are feeling better. Sounds like you've had a rough time. I LOVE your quilt in Rosie's fabric … the colours, border, quilting everything looks perfect. Very inspiring.

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