Top finished

for this months 
Petite projects…
Added  a rose check fabric and embroidery lace..
mitered the corners…

Still havent decided on the quilting and if I should make the outer border scalloped…
Think I have to sleep a little more on that!!!
See you!

25 thoughts on “Top finished”

  1. This is so pretty…LOVE IT 🙂 🙂 Hmm…I think scalloped edges would be pretty…and it would match the lace surrounding the quilt blocks. it's really up to you. Whatever you decide, it will be beautiful 🙂 🙂 Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather 🙂

  2. How funny , I just bought this little Paganinni pattern yesterday.I will use repro duction fabby. I have missed blogging and want to get back in it….

  3. beautiful! i love the added details…don't laugh at me, but i really was convinced that we would have time until the 15th…*lol*…well, 'paganini' is on my to do list instead of this month's le petit project.hugs, julia

  4. Hi stinayou have done a lovely and sweet projectand I think I haven't told you, I like also the butterfly garden with all the phrases in your own language, have no idea what they say, but just love how they look like =)how's the wheather there? here we have reached the huge ice creams seasonxoxo, vivi

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