Rosalie Quinlan, Schnibble

Such a Privilege…

To sew with these fabrics…
“Sweet Broderie”
I had made big plans on how to use them and to buy more once they are out to buy… 
but I HAD to start cutting into them and make something.. just to see how they would be together!!!
Used the 
of Miss Rosie´s
(Lots of Rosie´s here… :o)
And this is the start…
and as usual.. 
cant stick to the pattern…  sigh…:o))
One thing gives the other..
hadn´t different fabrics to make all the blocks…
so I just made nine blocks… added sashing in between…
to add some space… 
And this is the result so far….
And am right now working on the borders…
soo back to some sewing..
See you!!

18 thoughts on “Such a Privilege…”

  1. Hi Sweets!Oh, I LOVE your vesion of Paganini! (I haven't geot the pattern yet but I still have some days to order and make the quilt, hehe).You really have put those beautiful fabrics to good use!!!Big hugs,JuliaP.S. hope you're better…well, at least a bit :)P.P.S. LOVE your progress on BFG…it's gorgeous!!!

  2. Oh…at first I was just going to comment and say I loved the fabrics and how lucky you were to have them….then I saw the pattern…and WOW!!! I love it!

  3. Hi Stina! Sorry it's been so long, it's been a busy time for us and I haven't sewn a stitch other than stitchery blocks in months but I am setting up a sewing room now, so very soon I will be quilting again!!! I just had to stop by and tell you how I love your Paganini made with Rosalie's Sweet Broderie. I think it is my very favorite fabric I have ever seen. I so hope I will be able to get it here in the US. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Sending you big, big hugs and so happy to see you are sewing again. I will be soon!!!

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