Butterfly Garden

Hello there…

I´m still around…:o)
Still having this
€€%&%€#”&/!! Virus flu…
Slowly getting better…:o)
Well well…..thats life!
What have happened here then…
Hmmm… this have been going on….
Can you guess???
Thats right.. 
I have had the best company and best helper in the world
 in my sewingroom…

Viktor have worked really hard… colour after colour….
and winded the DMC threads on bobbins…
So so happy for this…
Just a few left now …
but he is finding threads at lots of different places.. 
(wonder why? lol)
 so now he is “treasure hunting” for more thread to wind…;o)
Thankyou Viktor… for the help and the company…
Think it helped me sew ..
because this morning I finished all the blocks for Butterfly Garden…
Well… the stitcheries are still there to stitch…
but it will be good to have while watching TV..:O))

We have struggled a bit Zonnie ( my machine) and I …
but we have learned to know each other…
a little bit better..
some things I like…some things I dont!!
But more on that later… :o)
Time for TEA!!


18 thoughts on “Hello there…”

  1. Hi Stina…What a wonderful helper!! and so handsome too ;-)…love your butterfly garden the fabrics and color are just precious…Have a wonderful week…God Bless,^A^ngel♥

  2. Stina, I hope you feel better soon.Your butterfly quilt is lovely…pastels are such happy colors. I have to share with you this to share with your good helper Viktor: my word verification is wingiess and its in red so made me think of Viktor liking my Detroit Red Wings 🙂

  3. Oh wow. Another Butterly Garden quilt … and gorgeous too. I have borrowed the patterns from a friend and hope to start after Christmas … fun.What a great helper Viktor is … he can visit me any time he likes. (and bring his Mum too.)

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