Butterfly Garden

An Update….

on whats happening here at my place…
Continuing the crazy stuff…
Butterfly Garden No 2..:o))
And this is progress so far…
making it more green than my first one and a little bit darker…
I think…:O)))
I exchanged the block stitcheries with pinwheel blocks,
to save myself some time.. and I must say I love it!
Home with my cold/eyeinfection caused by virus
 for at least some more days…Doc´s orders!
Trying to rest and do a little studies for school, so it is slow sewing.. 
but trying to sew whenever I can!

20 thoughts on “An Update….”

  1. Hey Stina! Your Butterfly Garden take-two is looking fabulous! And how embarassing that you'll probably finish your SECOND one of this quilt before I finishe my FIRST!!! :0) Love your pinwheel blocks … I skipped those stitched blocks, too and replaced them with some nine-patches … I was just lazy! :0) Hope you're feeling better soon! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  2. Great idea, Stina, to replace the stitchings blocks;) I have also decided to make the other BG quilt someday, although I'm still struggling with my first one…

  3. Så fint det blir..!!..Utrolig hvor anderledes ting blir med nye farger.Sikkert lurt å bytte ut noen av stitcheryene….Håper du blir fort bra…godbedrings-klemHegeT

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