More white…

woke up to this…
 this morning….
and well I didnt´t… :o(

Knew I should have stayed under my covers…!!!

21 thoughts on “More white…”

  1. We are into fall but have had snow this time of year. It is pretty but I am not ready for it yet. I hope we do not get any for several months yet. I would try to stay in bed too.

  2. It dipped very cold here in Somerset,UK last night. Had to have Central Heating on. We have gone from lovely warm weather to freezing in the space of a few days. I wonder if we are going to have another very cold winter. Lovely to look at so long as you can stay warm indoors.Hope Viktor has fun.Shirley.x

  3. Were we not just talking about winter?! Let the crying begin! Hehe. Winter does make for a lot of good stitching time while the heavy white stuff falls and piles up and up and up…yikes!

  4. Åhh, så fint og rent det så ut….Men skjønner godt at du heller vill være under teppe…Håper ikke det kommer snø hit før om en god stund….men det nærmer seg her også, det lukter snø i lufta….torsdagshilsenHegeT

  5. Hi Stina! What a lovely snow covered heart. It will not snow here for at least another couple of weeks or more. I love the snow when I can stay indoors.

  6. Wow – can't believe you already have snow. That doesn't bode well for the rest of us! I love the fall and winter, but I'd like to wait until Christmas for snow!

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