Le Petite, Zonnie

Late night ideas… very late… :o)

Do you have nights like this too.. 
waking up and having at least for that moment..the GREATEST IDEA??? 
Have had some awake nights this week.. 
coughing and having ideas…:o)
Well.. this idea … 
started out with me
test sewing with my new machine…
seam after seam ….lots of them.. 
But couldnt waste it once sewed…
looked kind of pretty…
Then I remembered this…

And looked at this when I got up in the morning…
and decided to make a new one..

where no webbing is.. no black spots.. that rubs off on white…
And this is my new ironingplace… :o)

Made from the test piece.. where lots and lots of seams are sewn with my new machine…
still have lots to test…
but for now I am pleased…

But Stina a white one…
a white one.. yepp.. 
one thing is good.. 
no patterns to disturb my eye when working on the ironingboard.. 
you see I do that all the time..
And  oh yes it will be burnt in no time..
but I dont care.. I have a pretty white ironingboard.. for now…. :o)
Hmm.. maybe I have to make a little cover for it..lol…
Otherwise days are tough like syrup..
Fever is coming and going …


9 thoughts on “Late night ideas… very late… :o)”

  1. What a lovely idea. I would be afraid of ruining it and would have to put a cover over it and just use the pretty side for when it is not in use and for decoration. I have woken up several times with the image of that lovely quilt you showed from the exhibition you went to – the one with the little green pieces on a white background. I am going to have to do something about it. Hope you will soon be on the mend.Love Shirley.x

  2. What a fresh, clean place to work. You are sure to enjoy it much!Also the snow looks so clean and fresh. I know you are not ready for it . . . but the first one of the year seems the most magical *s*

  3. ha! you shouldn't have stopped with your ironing board *lol*…mine is still in a horrible condition.i love your cover…will the pattern iron through your pieces?hugs, julia

  4. Oh Stina, feel better soon!! As for the late night ideas? I have them all the time! My biggest dilemma is whether to risk turning on my light and writing them down and thus risk not sleeping another wink or hoping I won't forget and just going back to sleep lol! Unfortunately when I don't write them down I do often forget 😦 I think a white cover is a great idea…very fresh and clean and like you said, not distracting 🙂

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