I did it!!!

Ok.. lets try and get a feeling here..
play the music please.. :o))
if it aint working.. just skip it and read on…
(works in firefox..not to well in Safari.. Internet explorer I dont know)
it might take awhile to load.. sorry for that!!

ok ok.. 

first a guessing… whats missing at my sewing table…
are you listening to the music??? ;o)

Hmmm…. some of you have already guessed…
 some might have missed the photo at my last post…

Ok what in the world have it to do with the song 
Well it´s all because of this…
May I present..
“Zonnie” (Sunny).. :o))
I finally did it!!!
So just like that.. 
all of a sudden
I was with machine..:O))

But oh my
I am not quite sure IF I HAVE made the right choice …
but all felt so good when I test sewed at the quiltmeeting…
And I packed it up on Friday night ( FINALLY) …
hard to see the box standing there all week!!!
(hectic week and a wonderful and nice cold 
kept me away from all things in the sewingroom… )
and I HAD to take away some CLUTTER first!!!
Had the best helper in the world.. Viktor…
oh he worked hard…fixing that all the feet came to the right place.. and he was like a paparazzi too.. taking lots of photos…
On Saturday it was finally time for some test sewing… 
only me and Viktor at home..
Lars had to go alone on tennis camp…
oh that was hard for him… 
you see Viktor had to stay at home because he to had a cold!
So it became a mother and son weekend instead of father and son weekend!!
And what a testdrive my Zonnie had to put up with..
thick thick layers of UGLY wool..lol
But we worked everything out.. 
but boy do I feel like beginner at sewing or what!! lol
So see you .. with finished pictures of the UGLY wool piece!!
Finally got it in the mail today
Humming…. :o)
for you that couldn´t listen.. we listend to 
Sunny by Bobby Hebb and cover by Airto….
“Zonnie, yesterday my life was filled with rain.
Zonnie, you smiled at me and really eased the pain.
The dark days are gone, and the bright days are here,
My Zonnie one shines so sincere.
Zonnie one so true, I love you.”



27 thoughts on “I did it!!!”

  1. Congratulations on your new baby. May you have many happy hours together and is that a bag being made?!!!!!! Hope both you and Viktor are recovering from your colds.Shirley

  2. Grattis!!Flott sang til introduksjon!Blir artig å se hva dere to finner på i lag.Ser jo at du har sydd mye fint fra før. Kos deg med din Zonnie. Legger meg som følger av din blogg.

  3. Stina!I bought that very same machine a month ago and I love it! Love the extra throat space. So much nicer for machine quilting my own quilts!I am so happy for you! And I don't think you'll be sorry. Mine works as well as my Bernina and that is saying a lot!!

  4. Congratulations on your new arrival! Woo hoo for you, Stina!Now I can't wait to see all the beautiful creations that will happen. I'm soooo happy for you!

  5. Hej Stina!Är alldeles säker på att du har gjort ett bra val. Har många syvänner som har köpt denna maskin och är såååå jättenöjda. Det är nästan, men bara nästan, som jag har börjat snegla åt det hållet också men än är jag min Husqvarna trogen.Vilken lycka att få sätta sig ned vid en alldeles ny "kompis" och börja leka.Varma hälsningarevamangseva@gmail.com

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