One Year of Schnibbles!!!!

I was lucky to be able to get them all in one photo…
before the rain came… again….

All twelve months… 
a new Schnibble quilt.. or pincushion.. was made…
well some months.. more than one..:o) 
I want to say thankyou to Sinta and Sherri
for organizing all this FUN…. :o)
And to Carrie for designing all these lovlely Schnibbles for us to enjoy… 
Thankyou Ladies!!!!!.. 
Have had a fantastic Year!!!
And I have some lovely quilts …:o))
If you want to take a closer look on all the Schnibbles made … 
And just for some fun…
Hmm.. which ones is your favorite??

46 thoughts on “One Year of Schnibbles!!!!”

  1. Oh they are all beautiful, Stina, it is hard to choose. My favourites are 'Cindy Lou Who' and 'Sunday Best'. I like the way you have displayed them on the line. (and wow, your grass is so lovely and green!)

  2. You are amazing…amazing…what a great idea to display them! Wow…is all I can say…so glad you participated…it was so fun to see your ideas each month!

  3. A beautiful display of your beautiful work! Thank you for being such an ispiring part of AYOS Stina. It was so fun to see what you were going to do with each project to make it your own! hugs!

  4. Stina, OH MY GOSH!!! They are all so beautiful. I love your fabric choices for each and every one of them. I don't know that I can choose a favorite, the display is just wonderful…I'll just have to start with Joy Luck, as it is the first of your Schnibbles I saw and then I adore your State Fair Table Runner, and Madeline is just so yummy. My gosh…I can't decide, LOL! But as for the Tuffets…well, you know I love pin cushions and the Tuffets are soooooo fun. But truly Stina, every time I think of pin cushions, I think of those beautiful pin cushions you showed in your exhibition. Just stole my heart!!! Sending you big hugs my friend…

  5. Can you explain what a Schnibble is. Does it mean 'scrap' quilt although from looking at your amazing quilts it doesn't look that way. Also, how do you manage to sew so many quilts? I wish I was as fast as you.Happy stitching

  6. Hi Sweets!OMG – congrats on your 12 finished (!!!!) Schnibbles. They all look gorgeous & I love that you added your personal touch to each and every quilt…Such a lovely display!Hugs, Julia

  7. Short Story is my favorite pattern to look at and to make. I didn't like my Joy Luck at first but was TOTALLY in love by the end. I LOVE your photo…Isn't it too bad that we can't just keep the quilts hanging on the line…It sure beats doing laundry!!

  8. Wow…….!!!!!!!!!!!………..Så mange flotte quilter…!!!… 12 stk på 12 mnd står det respekt av….. Hadde jeg klart en på et år hadde jeg vært fornøyd…Alle er jo så fine, så alle er favoritter hos meg.torsdagshilsenHegeT

  9. Grattis till att ha hunnit göra alla innan den 1 september.. De är alla ljuvliga och svårt att välja ut någon speciell 😉 Men får väl kanske göra det någon gång när jag ser dem "i verklighet" :)Hoppas att allt är bra annars och att det går bra med det nya "livet"..Kram

  10. What a wonderful display of your Schnibble Parade, Stina! They are all so pretty!I hope you are feeling much better and good luck with your new study. That will be so inspiring, I think.Have a lovely week and take care.

  11. Oh, oh, oh!!! Du og du for en parade av lekre små (og litt større) quilter!! Fantastisk! Du har virkelig stått på i året som har gått! Jeg er imponert! En favoritt?? Veldig vanskelig å plukke ut en, men jeg likte veldig godt vrien du gjorde på Hot Cross med bare lyse bakgrunner.

  12. Stina, congrats on finishing ALL of them! Wow. Great photo. I like your short story with the flowers down the side/bottom :-). They are all stunning.

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