Pincushions, Schnibble

Sunday fun…. means sewing…:o)

and home alone…
is even better… 
and I had so much fun making theses little ones…
The Tuffets…. 
The strips is just 3/4 ” and wohhooo I like it..:o))
Guess I am a little bit crazy… almost the smaller the better…
but for the nine patches.. I really really had to hold my tongue right… 
finished blocks are 1″..;o)
I had thought of making just one…;o))
But had so many strips left from the charmpack…
Rural jardin.. so I had to use up them all.. well almost.. 
still a few left though..hmm… can I make another…
So a little eye candy for you all..
Cute.. yepp they are..:o)
Smallest one is 3″ big..or little..:o)
And largest 5″
This was the December challenge in the Year of Schnibbles
And can cross them from my to do list too.. and guess what..
Have made all 12 projects.. 
and they are all finished too.. 
Quilted and bound…
no UFO´s in the cupboards..
I think its a WOOHHOOOO to me!!!
Hope for a day with out rain tomorrow…
then I will take all my Schnibble quilts out for some air.. :o)
and a photo shoot… 
so cross fingers.. no rain.. please!!!
And now .. the BED!!! And some exercise.. 
maybe I have to do that before the rest…;o))
phheew.. I am so pleased with myself…
I DID IT!! :o)


29 thoughts on “Sunday fun…. means sewing…:o)”

  1. Hi Stina…I'm visiting from Becky's blog "Life for Us" 🙂 🙂 🙂 I really love all the lovely quilting you have here. I'm a beginning quilter…but what caught my interest was the Swedish title of your blog 🙂 🙂 🙂 I lived in Bergen, NORWAY for a year og jeg snakker litt norsk 🙂 🙂 Have a lovely Sunday. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather 🙂

  2. Så utrolig nydelige disse er, blir glad av å se de flotte fargene. Og for ett pirke arbeid…..Du har jo bare vært så flink med Schnibble prosjektene – og de er like fine alle sammen. Jeg oppdaget Schnibble gjennom din blogg – hadde sett dem før, men det var her jeg virkelig SÅ dem :o) Har kjøpt noen mønster, bestilt bok og skal ha flere mønster….. men må først sy noen av de jeg allerede har :o) Det er altid like koseligt å stikke innom hos deg, gleder meg til forstsettelsen hos deg ! Ha en riktig fin søndagskveld.

  3. Stina, Stina, Stina…congrats on your last Schnibbles finish…! Your Tuffets really look yummy and make a good new header…!Compared to you I feel as if I failed with the Year of Schnibbles…;o).Have a lovely Sunday evening,Julia

  4. Oh Stina they have turned out really really lovely 🙂 Now I want to make some and I think I will 🙂 I love your new header looks great 🙂 hugs Vicki

  5. So cute and sooo little!Are you sure there are no more UFO's hiding in your closet…..? 🙂 Seriously???? :)I'll be happy to share some of mine! How many do you want?

  6. Stina, these little pin cushions are so sweet! I like to work small, so they particularly appeal to me. All your finished Schnibbles look fantastic hanging on the line. Great photo. Super accomplishment. You may stand up and take a bow now!! ~karen

  7. Hi, Your Schnibbles are wonderful! I am amazed at how many things you have finished in one year! I think I am doing well if I finish at least one quilt per year, and a few stitcheries!My email is: and my Blog is I am new to the world of Blogging, but having lots of fun! Also great to meet people from other parts of the world. Byee from Sue x

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