Too Short Summer…

last weeks have been filled with cold winds… rain.. and cold temps …
…gosh.. think Autumn came…
way way too early… we use to have wonderful August days.. especially around when School starts over for the kids…
But Brr… having morning temps around 5 C ( 41 F)
we actually make a fire every morning and evening…  and it is early… 
So I made some Autumn Flowers….
and added them to my Short Story…

… and got myself an Autumn quilt…named
Too Short Summer….
One thing though..
I cant decide on which way to hang it…lol…
First I thought of just adding the flowers to the side…
for fun..:o)
so the blocks are arranged thinking that way…
But when finished.. it looked as good having them at the bottom…
so I took away the hanging sleeve at the back…
 so I could do whatever…
What do you think???

Flowers at the side…
Flowers at the bottom….
Well I think one have to little to worry about…
when things like this get ones all attention..:o))

38 thoughts on “Too Short Summer…”

  1. I like the flowers are the side. And I think the flowers are a lovely addition to the quilt. Hard to imagine you using fall colors, Miss Pastel Queen!

  2. It has been cooler here as well, fall i definately on the way. I like the flowers both at the side and the bottom, so I am not much help- sorry!It's a beautiful quilt!

  3. I like them on the side, Stina. Somehow they look too heavy on the bottom. But, whichever way you choose it doesn't matter because it's a gorgeous quilt!Great job!

  4. Hi Sweetie!I love what you did with your short story…it's a Swedish Stina Story…If you'd ask me, I would hang it with the flowers sideways…it feels right for me ;o).Big hugs,Juliap.s.:…only 2 rows of Short Story finished…and no sewing space because we decided to paint our work room…hmpf. I'd rather be sewing this evening than painting walls 😦

  5. Gosh..så lekkert teppe..!!..Flotte farger og artig mønster.Gjorde det skikkelig stilig med blomstene.Og jeg syntes de gjør seg best på siden….Kommer nok innom bloggen din igjen, for å titte på alt det fine du lager…lørdagshilsenHegeT

  6. Lovely quilt! I love the flowers in both ways. Probably it woud just depend on my moud who I would hang the quilt. For me on the side it gives a special touch and at the bottom it is just perfect.

  7. Hi StinaYour little flowers are lovely and a great addition to the quilt, really make it something special, and the colours are gorgeous even if they aren't pink!For what is is worth, I like the flowers at the side…Having about the same temperatures as you are…it doesn't reach double digits during the day – brrrr – and it has remembered how to rain…and rain…and rain…I miss the sun!…but we are coming out of winter and into spring…don't envy you getting colder…good thing you have lots of quilts to keep you warm!Hugs

  8. Side. 5 degrees is cold! Especially for us. Winter is coming to an end here. I will miss it very much. I don't like summer at all. Too hot!!! Hope your winter goes quickly for you!

  9. I've looked at your posting 3 times before writing a comment. I just love this quilt.It's pink and yet—- very much a fall quilt. Tons of talent….I'm not a yoyo fan, but since seeing this, I'm about to attempt and see if I can make one!!!! Great use of fall colors and yet… it's pink!!!! Love the use of wool also. What were the ending dimensions of this cutue???? I love the Flowers on the side….. May I save a copy of this quilt photo?

  10. Hi from Sue at again.I really like the autumn flowers on the side, it is a bit different, and so it adds to the charm of the quilt. Lovely quilt by the way….really nice! Byee, Sue x

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