Schnibble news…

Catching up.. catching up…
Last years first Schnibble.. 
September Challenge…. finally finished…
Rural Jardin fabrics used… 
plus some of my own.. shirts and and old curtain…
Took a week to get the binding on.. pheew…. talk about being turtle … sigh!!!
But..  I can cross that one from my To Do list… :o)
Hope this one wont take a week to get the binding on… 
because then I will be tooo late for the last Schnibble 
at this Years Schnibble Fun!!!
Home from work today…
Have to rest neck and shoulder…
Headaches all days.. so it aint fun..
So I will only work as little as I can on my projects.. trying to do a little on everything.. lol.. how does that sound….;o))))
Chiropractor on Tuesday… so I hope he will do some miracle… 

See you…
hopefully with a finished  Short Story!!

22 thoughts on “Schnibble news…”

  1. Stina I hope your neck comes right soon. Your Schnibble is just lovely. Ihave just bought the Schnibble II book and hope to get some made very soon. Keep up the great work : ))hugsMiche'le

  2. Hi Stina!Winter White turned out awesome…the quilting is beautiful! My fingers are pressed for the binding of 'Short Story'…(ha! I'm nowhere near binding with my own…I just finished squaring up all the blocks…hmpf! It took me 4 (!) hours to press and square those 80 blocks..I had a lovely evening yesterday…).Hugs, Julia

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