Didn´t quite make it….

but sort of .. almost…:o)))
And I am talking about my Schnibble quilt… 
Joy Luck….
Have to give up for tonight..
must pack my bags… leaving for a visit to my parents tomorrow…
But I post a picture of it now… 
and hope I can finish it next weekend!!!
If I am home..:o)
And as usual… 
I just have to change something…lol… 
dont know why… but I guess that is how I  work..:o)
This time don’t much.. yet.. .;o)
I changed every second block to a white one instead of one with color…
too busy prints for me..:o)
See you all later.. I will be back… 
and have a wonderful week!!

26 thoughts on “Didn´t quite make it….”

  1. Oh this is beautiful Stina… lovely progress.You're just like me… I always change something…never mean to, it's just happens ;)Have a great time with your folks.hugsRobyn xx

  2. It looks really lovely and I like how you done the every second one a white one. I love the quilting also 🙂 It is a really lovely quilt 🙂

  3. I have been reading your beautiful and inspiring blog for a long time, finally a follower(I'm not in that habit), and I must say that everything you do is simply beautiful.I chuckle when you get so excited about taking a class with someone, as I wish YOU would come to the States and teach.Blessings,Jilly

  4. Just caught up with your blog. You certainly deserved to be the OPAM winner! I love the "to quilt is fun" mats – those are brilliant! What a great way to show off special pieces of lace, buttons and other things.

  5. That is one fantastic quilt!! Love the colours and the quilting. Did you quilt it yourself? For some reason I`ve got a sudden craving for a juicy orange……

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