from my WONDERFUL time at my show… :o)
 I am totally totally overwhelmed by all the wonderful people that have visited me and all the nice things said…
that visited me during the seven days …
You have made my days so much more fantastic than I ever could imagine….

TACK TACK Alla som besökt mig under min utställningsvecka….
Tack för alla fantastiska kommentarer och stort tack för att ni besökte utställningen!!
Ni är de som är fantastiska!!
Utan ER hade det verkligen inte varit så roligt som det var!!!

Kram till er!!!
Needed time to just be with family and recover.. and I have worked full time this week … so guess if I have been tired… pheeeww…:o)
Promise to be back with photos during this weekend…
I know you are eager to see… lol….
and I cant keep you all waiting so much longer now can I???
See you all tomorrow…
and one more thing…
I have 4 weeks leave from work…… !!!!!
Yipppie!!! :o)

16 thoughts on “Recovering…”

  1. Ah…good for you, Stina!! I am so glad your exhibition was a wonderful success…enjoy your rest and all those days off…woohoo!! I recently finished your heart stitchery quilt…I love it, and thank you!

  2. I am not sure if you got my post as Blogger sometimes has a mind of it's own. Anyway, I am so excited to see all of your wonderful photos! so happy for you to be able to get all that time off of work. I am sure you will need it and you deserve it!Hugs

  3. Oh Stina, I'm so excited to see what you've been working towards all year!Sounds like you had a wonderful time.Now enjoy your 4 weeks and time with your family.hugsRobyn xx

  4. I have been thinking about you this week and can't wait to hear and see what you have been up to. Take care of those aches and pains and enjoy the rest.Love Shirley.

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