Birthday, Friendship, Gifts

It´s my Birthday…

and what a wonderful day I have had..
Thanks to my family and Friends!!
Everything started with me waking up early…
knowing I couldn´t get up before son had served me some breakfast in bed… 
And I love it..:o)
So I read some.. and read some.. 
Got some text messages…
had a phone call from my brother…
Almost nine a clock
And finally some singing and ahhh.. 
A beautiful drawing from Viktor….
Lovely tulips….
Breakfast in bed..
Husband reading some news about the Song Contest Finals 
that is held tonight…
Ahh.. perfect start of the day… :o)
 Presents… :o)
Linda found some really really exciting and special chocolate…
And it was YUMMY!!!! 
Got a lovely PINK package from my best friend Louise…
Ahhhh.. Look at this… 
Aint this the sweetest…
I love it!!
Louise..thank you so very much!!!!
And on the steps at the front door ..this package was found…
From my wonderful and creative friend Åsa..
Just look at the bag!!! 
Almost didn’t want to unpack it!!
Sooo Spring.. 
Cutest Bird … new wonderful mug … Candy.. and 
pretty cup cake forms..holders..what is the name for those..:o)
Thankyou Åsa!!!!
And all the wonderful phone calls, emails and wishes 
both at Facebook and through mail..
Thankyou all my friends and family!!
You made my day!!
And to top the day.. Tv tonight..
…Song Contest Final…
choice of song for the Eurovision Song Contest in May 
that is held in Oslo this year!!
So see you later… 
the show has started!!


65 thoughts on “It´s my Birthday…”

  1. Happy Belated Birthday! The 13th is my oldest son's birthday too. I am so glad you had a lovely day and look at all the sweetness you got.Love your new look!

  2. Happy belated birthday Stina! What a wonderful day you must have had. Wonderful gifts and great friends & family to share with. That's the best it can be!Hope your snow melts soon. Ours is almost gone which leaves mud behind. I guess I might as well love mud, eh?

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