Valentine 2010

Wanna see some more Hearts….?

Thought you did!!!!
And so did I
So thankyou for keeping on sending pictures and share with me…
So happy to be able to share all the heart with you all…
Lots of fantastic ideas…
Just enjoy!!!
First out is Marit in Norway 
who made these lovely hearts 
Perfect for a little space….
And Lovely Carrie
…have stitched the hearts on white napkins….
(Hmmm. she has nine napkins… wonder if I shall make some more hearts…:o)
Next fantastic one is from Mary at 
who sewed this beautiful table topper
Love the setting on this one… 
And these pretty pink ones 
came from 
Dawn at
Thankyou …Thankyou girls  
for sharing the lovely things you made…
It really warms my heart to see them all..
Have a wonderful week…
Still at home taking care of my bugs… :o(


24 thoughts on “Wanna see some more Hearts….?”

  1. I love all of the different ways to use the heart designs. I especially like the napkins. Three more??? Sounds good to me! Actually, I think we need Easter eggs now. ;)Thanks again for sharing your designs with us.

  2. Your hearts look great finished, the way the girls have put them together looks really good, I have to stitch mine yet and I think I will make a runner for my dressing table in my bedroom….thanks for sharing Stina.

  3. Våt quiltvän Marianne T är inte riktigt klar med sina Valentin-hjärtan än men det kommer att bli en riktig "sötsak". Jag har inte hunnit börja på mina för först i kväll har jag ritat upp mönstret och i morgon i dagsljus, kanske tom solsken, skall jag välja garn.Tack STRINa från Louise D

  4. Wow, they are all so pretty. And it so fun to see how they are used in such unique ways.Oh, that would be great if you designed 3 more designs. I was going to eventually but maybe…

  5. Oh, they are all so pretty and it is fun to see how others use your patterns. Lots of unique ways.Oh, I would just love it if you designed 3 more blocks.

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