Miss Hearty…..

finally got her new hairdo…:o)
She was the most patient little dolly…
never did she complain…
just smiled..and said it was going to be Ok..
What a sweetheart… 

Here are some pictures of her smiling and waiting…
With a dress like that..
The “Hairdresser” suggested a dusty pink colour for the hair… 
and some curls…
Guess if she smiled…:o)
A little tag with the name 
was made…
And here she is 
all dressed up for fame…:o)
Miss Hearty..
with her new little quilt…:o)
I think I keep the “Hairdresser”..
just hope she shows up better next time…
(Lazy one….;o)
But “we” had so much fun …
Have to do this again…
really soon…
How is it going with the HEARTS????
Hope to see some more before
Valentines Day!!!!

41 thoughts on “Miss Hearty…..”

  1. Oh now I get it, I guess I'm a little slow. I thought you were waiting for a hairdresser. She came out perfect Stina, so cute and perfect with your quilt. What a sweet dolly, great work!

  2. Hi Stina. She is adorable. Such a pretty pink girlie. I love her face, dress and her curly hair. I have never come across the microwave curly hair method before. Are you willing to share how you do that?

  3. Love your doll! How have you done her hair? Is is wool, wet and then dried around a small piece of wood in the microwave? My 14 yo daughter has just made a doll very similar and used ric rac for her hair but we love your doll's hair.

  4. oh!!! she is the most beautiful thing :)the hair is really nice doneand… I had my first embroidering ever: "Stem stitch", and it was great! I'm so happywill soon show it in the blogbye bye

  5. Hey Stina! Ooooooohhh!! Miss Hearty is too, too CUTE!! And I can see why she waited for that late hairdresser, cos even if she was late, she's obviously a brilliant hairdresser – look at those gorgeous curls! :0) I can see that she'll be spreading some Valentine love on Sunday! Bear Hugs!CHEERS!KRIS

  6. Tack snälla rara Stina för paketet det värmer mitt hjärta så med en vän som du!Så söt docka du sytt, du har ju hur många ideer som helst, undrar vart mina har tagit vägen….Massor av varma kramar från mig.Åsa

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